Mental disorders can start destroying the human side of your conscience before you notice that something strange is happening to you. In case you feel that you are losing control, you should look for therapy without wasting time. You can be immediately helped through dream translation.

You should submit your dreams for a professional dream translation. You’ll immediately understand the wise unconscious messages in your own dreams. The unconscious mind works like a natural doctor, providing you with psychotherapy.

As a professional dream translator, I will accurately translate the wise unconscious messages contained in the dream images and scenes. I won’t give you my opinion about the meaning of your dreams, or my personal opinion about your psychological problems. I will explain what the wise unconscious mind is showing you in your dreams. We will exchange many email messages and I will really help you solve your problems thanks to the translation of the unconscious messages.

The unconscious mind is your doctor, and not me, the dream translator. This detail is very important. It means that you are safe. You don't depend on the conclusions of an ignorant human being. You are guided by the divine unconscious mind that proves God’s existence, and will surely help you find sound mental health.

Otherwise, you couldn’t be helped online. Mental disorders are complex illnesses that cannot be easily treated.

Without superior guidance a therapist cannot completely understand your psychological and emotional problems, especially from distance. Mental disorders must be treated with caution.

Only because the wise unconscious mind already knows the content of your psyche and gives you specific guidance in your own dreams, can you find a simple online therapy.

I can translate your dreams for you and help you put the unconscious guidance into practice. You will verify that I always tell you the truth, which many times is quite unpleasant.

I won’t be sympathetic. I have the moral obligation to accurately translate the meaning of the dream images and show you exactly what the unconscious mind is telling you, and the unconscious mind tells you the truth.

Many times I will have to tell you that you have to abandon your plans because you are making mistakes. I may have to tell you that you don’t really love your boyfriend or girlfriend, and this is why your immoral tendencies are so visible in your dreams.

The unconscious mind shows you your mistakes and sins, so that you may correct your behavior. This is indispensable for your own safety. I have the moral obligation to accurately translate the dream messages, even if the unconscious messages are unpleasant.

When you pay attention to the unconscious guidance you prevent catastrophes. The unconscious mind won’t agree with your absurd desires only in order to please you. The function of the dream messages is protective.

The unconscious mind is not a hypocritical human being who is afraid of your reactions. The wise unconscious mind is your savior. It shows you the ugly truth in order to preserve your mental health. Lies and false concepts will lead you to the labyrinth of craziness.

If you don’t really love your partner, in a while you’ll hate him or her. You won’t accept having a relationship with a person you don’t love. Your animal tendencies won’t let you rest. Your psyche will be sad.

The unconscious mind helps you prevent cheating on your partner or being violent because you have a relationship with the wrong person. Love tragedies involving crimes or suicide attempts are the main reason why most people become mentally ill. Any case can become a tragedy because everyone inherits too much absurdity in their anti-conscience.

You must follow dream therapy before losing your human conscience. This way, you’ll easily be cured in 6 to 8 months of psychotherapy. If your case is simple, 2 months of dream therapy will already help you feel strong.

You should be very careful when you have dreams where you face dangerous situations, or you are in a dangerous position. If you keep dreaming that you are in very high places, near the edge, and you can easily fall down, this means that you are in a very dangerous life situation. Your dreams reflect your psychological reality, and what is happening to you in your daily life.

Bad dreams and nightmares are always trying to alarm you. They show you that you are making dangerous mistakes that will have bad future consequences.

You’ll have positive dreams once you eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience. Otherwise, your dreams will reflect the mistakes you make for being influenced by your wild tendencies.

Follow dream therapy, and the unconscious mind will show you how to eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience and find peace. Once you eliminate your worst enemy, you’ll stop fighting mental disorders. You’ll acquire perfect mental health that lasts for life. Then, you’ll have the chance to completely develop your intelligence without being bothered by your wild side.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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