Recently, I have had my laptop recovered from a serious virus attack that just not damaged my machine but also did not let me save some of my data. Like many people, I am also fond of downloading and streaming movies and music videos online on my laptop, connected through a wireless router. Since I am not very technical by nature, problems like these seem to irritate me a lot at times. Personally, I don’t ever feel like to be trapped in any such technical glitches as they rob me of my movie-watching pleasure in a sudden manner.


Getting back to the point of my computer, I found that my laptop had started behaving oddly in the past few days like shutting down itself automatically or slowing down like hell without giving any explicit reason. Well, I managed to go online and googled around to look for possible causes and solutions to work out the problem on my own. I would say it was to no avail as no matter how hard I tried or correctly typed in the anonymous error messages that had popped up on my computer screen previously. It was just useless searching for random error messages on different websites and help forums. Moreover, I was kind of afraid of browsing different websites randomly and downloading any free virus-removal tool from them just in the fear of not wanting to become a prey of numerous freely-moving malwares on the internet. You should know that there are very high chances of getting infected online as there are many so-called free downloadable software that contains malicious viruses, spyware etc. Such malware takes control of your machine once downloaded and damage it partially or fully.

My Way to Online Technical Support

While searching for the solution of my problem, I came across several virus-removal tools, support links, forums etc. that discussed all the technical blah-blah they could. I found that some of the websites were providing onsite PC repair solutions while there were many engaged in the provision of online technical support services. The idea struck me as I am kind of a believer in comfort and convenience and do not ever feel like taking the pain of lugging my computer to a local repair shop and get it fixed there.

My Encounter with V tech-squad

As I was researching the online technical support option for my laptop problem, I found that my search engine had become inundated with different search results. It took me quite good deal of time to go through various online technical support websites and explore their yearly or some sort of incident support plans that upon subscription will give you access to the online technical support engineers/experts/specialists whatever you may choose to call them. V tech-squad certainly appeared among the top results of Google searched with fast, better keywords. You should know that if a website has good ranking in Google search results, then it also holds good on authenticity.

When I explored, it did not look very professional but familiar to a normal user like me. This familiarity and presentation allowed me to relate well to the website and firmed my belief that the website is legitimate. I went on further to explore their options of online technical support services. They were toll-free phone service and the internet chat. Both the options seemed feasible to me as neither would require me to get out of my home and do the needful. Owing to the good presentation and transparency of the support services and plans, I was internally prompted to call at the toll-free number. Though initially I wanted to opt for the internet chat option but then I decided to give them a call and experience the phone support.

V tech-squad: My Savior

The guy on the other side, despite his heavy Indian accent, sounded pleasant and courteous with good command over English. He was patient and all ears to my technical problem. I explained the problem and error messages in the best possible manner I could. The guy explained different PC support packages offered by them at the feasible prices. I found out that the prices were at least lower than my anti-virus software company’s support plans. I was prompted to go for one support plan worth $89.99 for a complete year. I was kind of at comfort for not to worry about my laptop at least for a year. The guy then completed all the formalities and proceeded with the payment. Eventually, the guy put me through a technician within no time.

The technician took access of my laptop through Remote Desktop, whatever you may call, and ran a full scan. When completed, he found out that there was a serious Trojan that had entered my laptop without my knowledge. He suspected the Trojan might have come through some free movie-downloading website.

While I was on the phone, he created a backup of all my data before removing the infected files and the Trojan from the laptop. It took him around half an hour to clean my machine and get it back up and running. Meanwhile he also updated or upgraded I guess my anti-virus software, windows firewall, so that they do not miss on catching malicious software no matter whatever source they come from. The guy also checked my router settings in order to ensure that there is not virus threat hidden inside. The guy also installed some updates or optimized my laptop, in his technical terms, to enhance its speed and performance. Needless to say, when I checked my laptop back, it had become absolutely fine and faster than before. The best thing I liked about the technical guy that he restored all my lost data within the same time. My goodness, I had not expected it that I could ever get my lost data back. All thanks to the technical guy who did an amazing job without which I would have to start all over again searching my data including favorite movies and getting lost.

Last but not Least

I would admit that my experience with V tech-squad has certainly been outstanding and pleasurable so far. I surely want to tell you that I am not here to solicit or publicize any of the activities of what V tech-squad has to offer. I am also not personally or by any means not connected to V tech-squad except the services I am subscribed to. However, I believe in sharing what I have gone through and the outstanding experience I have had with V tech-squad. I would like to let all the people, like or unlike me, know that online technical support service option is just a very convenient way to get your computer problems fixed in no time and at the comfort of your home.

Getting through V tech-squad was just the outcome of a little research I did on Google and I would say I was fortunate enough to reach them in the first and single try. I would also suggest you to share your good or bad experience with online technical support services so that people can have better understanding of them. There are indeed fraudulent companies also that only believe in making money without resolving users’ problems. This certainly blemishes the image of online technical support companies. However, I would suggest that you do invest little time researching the online technical support option before investing your precious money. Save yourself from becoming a victim of what people generally call as cyber crime.

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