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The world of online slots is constantly growing and changing and it is only fitting that the regulations change with it. We, as humans, like order. Everything in our lives needs to be regulated either by ourselves or a higher authority. This is the same with online slots.

There is an ongoing debate about the safety of playing slots online. It is not uncommon for people to fall prey to online scams and lose their money. This is also the exact reason why online slot regulations exist; to protect you from any harm that comes from slot-related activity. Keep reading for some basic online slot games regulations.

Age Verification for Free Slots

The activity of playing online slots for free used to be quite unregulated. In fact, almost anybody could go online, find an online casino and play demo versions of slots. The danger in this is quite clear. Children nowadays have easy access to the internet, which means that they could easily play online slots without knowing it.

Today, new regulations do not allow players below a certain age to play slot games for free. This is essential to protect children from gambling, regardless of whether they know its gambling. While age verification is without a doubt good, how strict is this regulation? How is the age restriction applied? Before being allowed to play free slots, players are asked to enter their birth date or just agree that they are over the legal age. However, players could make up birth dates that they know would pass or say they are 18 even though they are not, just to get access to the games.

Banning Credit Card Deposits

One of the newest rules regarding playing slots online has to do with making deposits. According to the new regulation, online casinos are prohibited from accepting deposits made with credit cards. This rule was put in place for two reasons, to protect problem gamblers and to prevent fraud and credit card theft.

Playing Online slots In Line with Rules and Regulations

It is possible to play online slots in line with regulation while having fun at the same time. The first practical tip is to choose an online casino that offers free spins and no deposit bonuses. If you do not have any money you could also play free slots. Almost all casinos have them.

As slots grow in popularity and change over time, the regulations will need to be adapted. In the next 20 years, slots might be played in an entirely different way, which means that current regulations will not be applicable. This not only protects the players but also the industry.

Final Thoughts

The debate about the safety of playing slots online will probably be around for quite a while. And while the possibility does exist that anyone could create a fake website and scam you out of your money, there are also some practical tips you could use to help you avoid this. For example, choosing only properly licenced casinos. This will help you to play slots online safely.

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