Online self help tips – Do you feel like you have a never ending pile of work on your desk, but you just keep pushing yourself to complete the job so that you can finally enjoy some free time and “me” time?

Well, here is the harsh reality. In most cases, your workload will never cease and you will always be given stuff to do. The key is to be able to achieve a work life balance so that you do not end up overworking. Here are four signs that you have been overworking and need to take a break from work.

Firstly, if you find that you thinking about work even when you are at home, you need to stop thinking about work and turn your attention to something more relaxing. Catch a movie with your loved ones or read the newspapers. Feel free to stuff yourself with food as long as you do not feel bad about it. Just get your mind off work for a change.

Next, if you find that your desk at work is really messy, that could possibly be a sign that you are not able to manage your time well, and hence overworking yourself. This may not always be true though and it really depends on the context. However, if you look at it from a psychological perspective, you could use a good break. I can suggest that you look for online self help tips on how you can manage your time and set goals for yourself.

If you find yourself being irritable at work or at home, chances are you are probably overdoing things. That is a sign that you are feeling the pressure and want to impress at your job. If making a big mistake can result in you being irritable, even the smallest of mistakes at work or even at home could cause you to lose your cool. Talk to somebody you can confide in about what you are going through. Trust me, it can be as therapeutic as getting online self help tips on how to manage stress.

If you find yourself struggling to focus on what you are doing or if you are becoming somewhat forgetful, then you are probably being overworked. Try going for yoga classes. Yoga helps you relax your mind, and it has been proven to improve a person’s focus.

You can look for free online self help tips on how to handle your current situation. You may also seek a therapist or talk to your friends about it. Start with either of these and you should be on your way to stress free days ahead.

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