In these trying situations and unprepared closures of several businesses, the biggest benefactors who can count their blessings in disguise are the online learning platforms. Also known as eLearning, this online learning method can cater to the rising demands of the students learning from home in the most effective manner. The online learning platforms have seen an increase in the number of students who are enrolling in the plethora of courses that are being offered. From courses on various Government sector exams, technical courses to activities like painting, public speaking and even dancing there is a never-ending list that is available to you at the most reasonable price. Indeed, the recent progressions in technologies have taken the education Industry by storm.
Online schooling, also known as virtual schooling, can be a great key for students for whom the old-style brick-and-mortar schools are not a good fit. It is a wonderful substitute to home-school that endows students and their parents access to certified teachers, professionally developed online school syllabus and lessons, and excellent learning materials. Students have opportunities to encounter with teachers and staff in the safe learning environment of the online classroom for guidance, instruction, and help whenever needed.
Online learning is gaining popularity owing to the flexibility afforded to students in an online environment. Students can access and complete assignments while evading the stressful aspects of a traditional high school experience like distance and time of commute, fluctuating service quality of schools, and the health threats resulting out of pandemic as on today. Online school students also profit from working directly with technology, having more one-on-one focus from teachers, and having access to course materials at all times.
For many students and families, especially those in unusual situations with limited options, it may be preferable to earn a high school diploma entirely online. Some students are unable to enrol at a brick-and-mortar school if a parent is in the military or works in an industry that requires the family to move often. Students in rural areas may select an online learning if a brick-and-mortar school is too far from their place. Online education also appeals to young athletes, entertainers, actors, and musicians who need a curriculum that accommodates their busy schedules. While their education won't be tied to a particular time or place, academic expectations will still be demanding and will prepare the learner to graduate on time.

schooling is another method that frequently uses a mixture of online courses, at-home instruction, and social interaction through local communities and networks. This method works well for parents who are not as skillful at teaching particular subjects, such as those in advanced high school syllabus. Online teachers can instruct courses in whole, but often cheer parental participation, especially in the early years, so students develop strong study skills needed for success in online learning.
Home-schooling has come a long way, thanks to eLearning applications which make the idea more organized, more cooperative and eventually, more respected. Check out three ways that eLearning is making all the difference in home-schooling and Online Learning for 2020.
1. Collaboration Opportunities
One of the major concerns for past avatars of home-schooling was the pure isolation of home-based learning. In a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics, 91% of home schooler parents decided against traditional education because of an undesirable social environment that took place recently; however, home-schooling removed the social aspect completely, reducing ability to connect and collaborate with friends and batchmates.
Thanks to applications like Google Docs, students can easily connect and work together with learners like themselves. Whether it’s a group project, a Facebook page for “science class,” or even audio-video based learning on YouTube, home-schooled students easily add a social aspect to what was once isolated learning.
2. Interactive Lessons
Conventional schools are catching up, but one of the main liberties of home-school curriculum is that it can be attuned to any budget. With the right technology, home-schooled children could be ahead of the pack when it comes to hands-on learning. From webcam-based projects and recreations to playing an interactive game, the complete availability of resources and devices improves both enthusiasm and retention for kids who are involved.
3. Individual Experience
It’s almost impossible to replicate the amount of personalization home schoolers receive in a mainstream school setting. After all, home schoolers have the chance to opt out of both uniform testing and curriculum.
COVID-19 lockdown has obligated schools, colleges and universities to close and direct their students’ home which, in turn, has affected over 91% of the world’s student population. The shutting has thrown some unique challenges on governments, institutions, teachers and parents around the world.
Many countries are continuing to handle this disruption by deploying different modes of learning through a mix of technologies. In almost all countries, teachers and school administrators are stimulated to continue the communication with learners by conducting virtual live lessons.

Online education, a result of the digital world (and COVID-19) has brought a lot to the learning table at all levels of education, right from preschool to higher level institutions. The move to remote learning has been enabled by several online tech stack such as Google Classroom, Blackboard, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, all of which play a significant role in this change.
Schools have always considered educational apps or digital learning as an additional tool and may have had difficulty in incorporating it, mostly due to not having fully understood its effectiveness. However, the current situation has given us a boost to quicken the adoption of technology and experiment with online learning and measure its success in months to come.

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