There are many skills to master if you want to be successful with Online MLM. However, one skill that most network marketers struggle with is generating high quality leads for their business.
Articles are a great online MLM strategy that you can use to generate high quality leads for any network marketing business if you follow these steps.
To make articles work effectively for your online MLM business you need a basic understanding of how internet marketing works.
The gold bar of any type of business is the list. This could be a list of customers, prospects, etc. The type of the list depends on the type business.
The type of list that is most commonly built using internet marketing is an email list. One huge benefit to building an email list is that an email list is very inexpensive to manage compared to traditional mailing lists. The easiest way to build an email list is with a list management tool called an auto-responder.
With an auto-responder you can create a lead capture page, also known as a squeeze page. The purpose of the squeeze page is to give people an incentive to opt-in and receive your emails. This is how you build your email list.
Your subscribers are your leads, because they have proven to be interested in your offer by subscribing to your email list or newsletter.
Article Marketing is one of many effective online MLM strategies used to drive traffic to your squeeze page, and generate high quality leads for your business. The first step is to write an article that delivers value to your potential leads by educating them on something that they are interested in learning.
Your best prospects are people that are already interested in what you have to offer. So if you are offering a network marketing business opportunity, your article would be focused on educating people who are interested in learning more about network marketing.
You could write about MLM training that you have learned from books that you have read, and seminars that you attended in the past. You can also write an article educating your target audience about a specific company.
The ideas for article topics in just about any category are limitless. Just be sure to include a link back to your squeeze page in your author’s bio box. This will allow your readers to click on the link and opt in to your email list if they want more information.
These will be extremely high quality leads compared to the leads you get from chasing your friends and family.

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