It is the era of simply applying for a loan from the comfort of home. Gone are the dominant days when the loan industry was limited to banks. Now, the digital loan industry is flourishing with non-banking financial institutions too. It says that every problem comes with a silver lining and pandemic has helped the loan industry turn digital. However, the banks have not lost the prominent hold in the minds of people that still believe in borrowing after a face to face interaction with the loan provider. While an online loan is hassle-free, there are a good number of people still going for an offline bank loan. It completely depends upon the individuals' preferences and beliefs. If you are new to borrowing, and trying to figure out the best between- bank and personal loan online , keep reading.

What is a bank loan?

A personal loan is a very common and popular form of a loan. It becomes more common when the banks offer you one. There are some traditional banks of both private and public sectors. . The banks have not come up with any online presence and it still deals with borrowers in person. . Apart from the mode of borrowing, there are various other features and specifications about a bank loan.

Features of bank loan

● Offline process: It is completely online with no digital presence. One needs to be physically visiting the bank for the entire borrowing.
● High rate and charges: the rate of interest and charges are high in the bank. The advancement is low and there are more monopoly rates.
● No unsecured loan: Banks do not take a lot of risk in offering the unsecured loan. The only individual with an excellent credit background and eligibility can get it.
● Duration: The application and approval process is time taking. Banks deal with a lot of people and the advancement is low. It takes a good amount of time from application to disbursement.
● Documentation: If you are going for a bank loan, the documentation process is rigid and lengthy. One needs to be physically active with all the documents. It is a hurdle to be present every time the bank asks you to meet.

What is an online loan?
A personal loan online is similar to an instant personal loan online that is offered by various digital agencies and non-banking financial institutions. Here the entire process is online and done with the help of a digital platform. There are various features and benefits of going for an online loan, take a look at them.

Features of online loan
Online process: From application to disbursement, the entire borrowing process is done online. The online platform helps an individual to borrow from the comfort of home.
Minimal documentation: The documentation is online and minimal because they have the latest technologies to get hold of all the information. You just need to upload the original scanned copies of the documents along with the application form.
Low rate: Online loans from different non-banking financial institutions offer a low and competitive rate of interest. It is easy to get a low rate as they constantly work for a smooth process.
Duration: If you need an online loan, Clix Capital offers instant disbursement within a few hours. It is easy to handle instant emergencies and needs.

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Wrapping up
In a nutshell, you have a clear idea about a personal loan online and a bank loan. It is now on you to decide the best borrowing option to meet your ends.

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