There’s no better time for women than in this digital era. Internet dating, Facebook dating, and dating websites; there are so many options available get married for any taste who want to date these days. Online dating is helpful, and you may have better luck finding a partner online than making the usual rounds to bars and hope to ‘bump’ into someone who interests you - telugu matrimony, tamil matrimony or other kinds of matrimony. Of course, if you meet someone online, you will ultimately take your dating offline. But which method is better, online dating or offline dating? Does each method have its pros and cons? Offline dating may be convenient for you, but not for someone else and vice versa.

Pros and Cons of Online dating


Convenience and Time Saving

With thousands of dating sites, finding someone who interests you is just a click away in this digital era. There is a dating site for everyone. And what’s better? Online dating saves you time and risks you may face when trying offline dating.

Millions of singles in One Place

Imagine trying your luck to find a partner in a social gathering with 100 people. You are not even sure who is single and who is dating or better yet who is willing to date. It can be hectic, right? However, with online dating, there are millions of singles who are willing and ready to date.

Matchmaking Algorithms

Dating sites and apps use matchmaking algorithms, and you almost sure you will find a perfect match. All you are required to do is fill in the traits and interests of your perfect match.



Of course, not everyone on the internet is genuine. There are thousands of scammers who hide behind the internet with the intention of scamming.


It is common for people to lie about their background and age, among other things, on their profiles.

Pros and Cons of Offline Dating


Difficult for People to Lie

Unlike in online dating, it is difficult for people to lie when you meet them in person.

Chemistry Determination

It is difficult for people to hide their emotions when you meet them in person. You are thus able to immediately determine whether you have chemistry with a person or not.


You are Limited to Your Social Circles

You can’t find a person to date outside your social circles, can you? It is only possible with online dating.

Requires Time and Commitment

Unlike in online dating, where a relationship starts right away, building a relationship offline requires time and commitment.

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