Like the many new “normal”, that we are currently facing, online classes seem to top off the list. With universities and colleges now functioning remotely, students are expected to either complete the remainder of their courses online or commence their courses online for the time being.
Adjusting to the new phenomena is a gruesome task for students. As someone who is used to being in class, interacting with the faculty and their fellow classmates, finding yourself cooped up at home and asked to study online is not an easy task.
A new concept for all of us, here are a few tips on how to deal with online classes like a pro:

Manage your Time
Online classes may either have a fixed schedule that students are expected to follow or have a certain component of flexibility included in them. If you’re dealing with the later, make sure that you manage your time well. Make sure that you adhere to all the deadlines, make a note of the same so that you don’t end up turning a blind eye towards the same. You can get distracted within the blink of an eye, make sure that you keep all the distractions away, may it be shutting off the television, or keeping your phone aside, also make sure to shut off all the tabs that you don’t require during your study.

Social Learning
While social distancing is the norm we are all expected to follow, social learning is something you need to do. Just because your professor is not physically present in front of you, don’t shun away from asking your questions and solving your doubts. Keep them in the loop of what’s happening. While your friends may not be physically around you, make sure that you indulge in constructive conversations with them. Peer learning can be extremely helpful, like you, they too are going through the same thing. So be each other’s support system and see your online classes through. Create forums and other discussion platforms wherein you can undertake fruitful conversations.

Keep Time For Yourself
To be able to successfully complete your online classes, you need two important components. There are a healthy mind and body. After making sure that all your study needs are adhered to, schedule a break and maintain healthy eating habits. Make sure to sip on a lot of water, eat nutritious and healthy food, exercise and interact with your loved ones, to keep your mind fresh.

Treat It Like A Normal Class
Because you’re not made to sit in front of a professor in a classroom, it is easy to not take an online class seriously. Be determined and come to terms with the fact that this means business. Take the class seriously and hold yourself accountable. Set your goals beforehand and make sure that you comply with the same. Being self-aware, organized and proactively taking responsibilities for your actions will help you sail through the class.

Make a Study Space
Considering the fact that you’re at home, you will often find yourself lazing on the couch or the bed. Refrain from doing so and have a dedicated study space for your online classes. Make sure that whenever you wish to study you do so at this space. Keep all the material that you require to study in that area. From your stationery to your study material, enter your study space with a focused mindset.

Online classes are an alien concept for a lot of people. As some who is used to being in class and solving your doubts in person, it becomes extremely difficult to participate through the online medium. However, adaptability is a trait that every student should possess. Therefore, actively ask all your doubts, don’t wait till the eleventh hour to solve your doubts. See what the professors and students are conversing about and be a part of the discussion.

Take Notes
Note down all the necessary points, treat it like a traditional classroom setting and note down all the necessary points that you think are important. It is difficult to remember everything that was taught in the online class. Therefore, having notes will allow you to go back to something when the need arises.

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