My unique online business ideas about the search engines will bring the conflict between us and search engines, and keywords into better focus. There are 3 players in this conflict, you and I, internet home business owners, the search engines, (S.E.), and the final player in the puzzle, the end user, the customer. The funny thing is that the customer ends up being the same customer for all of us, and that is something we have to remember in this scenario. The standard on line business ideas about S.E., customers and the web sites owners never deal with this issue this way, I hope you find my take on this different and refreshing.
For those of us who own an internet business opportunity, we all need the customers of the S.E., to end up being our customers as well. People who use the search engines eventually end up being some one else's customers, when they are finished with the search part of their journey. When some one wants to find something on the internet, 70 to 80% of the searches start with a S.E., it is at this stage that the S.E. wants their customer to have a happy experience and come back to use them time and time again, just like any other service provider.
What makes for a pleasant search experience is two things, speed and accuracy, if your S.E. can do that for its person, then that person turns into a repeat customer. Once the search is over, that person is still that S.E. customers, but we now get a chance to make that person our customer. What the S.E. has provide is a list, a page ranking of all of the web sites that they think their customer will be interested in looking at , based on the description they gave them. That description is made up of words the customer thinks will get the S.E. to provide them with the web sites that will best serve them. Those descriptions end up being our keywords.
This is the critical interchange between all 3 of the players. The S.E. customer is now going on to the second phase of the process, they want to see if the S.E. has been able to read their minds to an extent and have they been able to properly interpret their wishes and deliver them the web sites that will best serve them. Not only will the S.E. deliver them a list of web sites they think will best serve their customers, but will also do it from most important to least. This is where the term page rank comes in, they will rank the pages in order from most relevant to least relevant.
This relevancy is where you and I come in, the internet home business owner. The difference between the first page and even the second page, in terms of page rank, is the difference between traffic and survival, and no traffic and no business. This page rank is the pivotal point on which all of this hinges, this is where everything converges. The customer wants the best results because this is the sole reason they are using the search engine. They want the S.E. to sift through the millions of web sites out there and end up giving them what they want, in a few seconds.
The prevailing online business ideas on this exact situation are these: good search results mean making the web site owners work hard at best describing their web sites to make identifying the most relevant and pertinent sites to the S.E., so they can, in turn, provide their customers with the best search experience possible. For the process to work properly, everyone has to do their job well, especially the small web site owner. If the internet home business owners doe his job properly and describes his web site accurately, then the S.E. can rank his page appropriately and give their customer the best sites, at the top of their pages and then , supposedly, everyone will be happy.

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