There has been a lot going on in terms of spirituality, which is a great and positive sign for mankind!

As a result of the focus on spirituality, there are now many schools of thought which are seeing and practising spirituality from different perspectives, utilising their own definitions, perceptions, thoughts, and understanding of the subject matter.

That’s not to condemn any of those - my understanding of spirituality is on the same grounds as the majority of schools, defining it as a "connection to something bigger than us".

Once we’re connected to something bigger than us, we automatically get meaning out of life.

Now the multimillion-dollar question is: what is "something bigger than us"?

Most schools of thought believe that the world is run by a superpower, often referred to as GOD, the CREATOR, who is omnipresent and omnipotent. Humanity, since times unknown, has worshipped this superpower in different ways, as per respective community norms. However, the focus has almost always been the same, if not identical.

In the modern era, new schools name this an Energy, Super Consciousness, Super-Intelligence, etc. Some define human existence as an integration of matter and awareness/consciousness.

Some schools have provided a scientific explanation. They have used terms such as unified field or multidimensional space; they’ve endeavoured to explain it using a stream of science, such as quantum physics, etc. They do agree that this Cosmic Void is all energy; visible matter is a dense form of cosmic energy itself and the matter keeps on originating and merging into Cosmic Void. The concept of matter and non-matter is just a change of energy, from one form to another. And we can’t forget to mention, since the Cosmic Void has a much higher frequency than matter, it has more energy or is the ultimate source of energy. Again, this is worthy of total acceptance and I do not see any logical contradictions.

I won't be focusing on any particular belief or understanding, but must simply mention that - irrespective of our personal beliefs - it is very important that we realize and raise our awareness of this Cosmic Void. A firm focus that aligns to this Super Consciousness, Energy, God, Intelligence, Quantum Field, or whatever term we want to use, is what we all need in the first place. This is because "the alignment of consciousness with this Super Consciousness or Cosmic Void" is a pre-requisite to living a life of wholeness, fullness, and completeness; Oneness.

Once we have that intent of Oneness in place, we can then explore various schools. Once we have the will, the way will come out automatically. A will like this is very likely to put us on a path that will serve us best.

In a nutshell, we need to create the intention of being in Oneness with this Energy in order to be directed to the right place. Additionally, we may ask for direction from this Energy in the form of prayer, initial surrender (note that I have used the term "initial surrender" because actual or real surrender is only possible after achieving awareness and the state of Oneness), and having faith that Universe will take care of it.

Being in the state of Oneness doesn't mean that one should give up the visible or materialistic world. In fact, we will live a better life from all aspects, whether this is in terms of finances, relationships, health, etc.

It is very important to note that aligning our consciousness and being in Oneness with this cosmic void is not an imaginary feeling, visualization, or an illusioned state of mind; it is a reality that we can all experience.

Not to mention, the state of Oneness or Connection is not a one-off thing, something that we have to do at a particular time of the day, or something for a fixed period of time; neither it is an one-time experience. It’s an all the time thing. A state of pureness, contentment, integrity, gratitude, and wholeness.

Let's start exploring and aiming for aligning our consciousness with the higher self and, hence, achieve and maintain the ultimate state of Oneness with this Cosmic Power.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Rajinder Sidhu; I am a results-driven, strategic business executive with extensive experience diverse range of industries. As an innovative, persistent and customer-centric individual who possesses a winning blend of team leadership, market anticipation, and commercial acumen, I strive to generate results in everything I do.