Anxiety! It has power. It has the power to stop you cold, in your tracks, as you freeze in your attempt to move forward in your life. Your anxiety gets in the way of you being, doing and having what you want in life.

What is anxiety? The dictionary will tell you that anxiety is a sense of apprehension and fear either real or imagined, resulting from anticipation of a threatening event or situation. Often states of anxiety are marked by physical symptoms such as sweating, tension, and increased heart rate.

Do you want to know the surefire way to relieve anxiety? Do the thing that makes you nervous!

Events in and of themselves do not cause stress. It is the meanings you attach to those events that creates your stress and anxiety. Worrying about some event is nothing more than adding layers upon layer upon layers of made-up meanings, imagined possibilities (not probabilities) that might deliver an untoward experience. Even these seemingly unfortunate experiences are merely events that you will have or will attach meaning to.

For example, if you are anxious, stressed out over giving a presentation, auditioning, standing proverbially naked in front of someone who can sit in judgment of you, you have added several layers to the mere event of being in front of people showing yourself and your work. First, you assume that you and what you present are one and the same. Then you add a layer of what you present will not be received well. And you top it off with layers of certain humiliation or a life ruined. Bollocks! Made up nonsense!

Let's say your deepest fear is realized. You are booed off the stage. In that moment you have a choice. You can sink to the lowest pit in your stomach and remain there for eternity. Quit your dream of becoming whatever it was that you were seeking to accomplish with your performance and live out your life in quiet desperation or restless agitation filling your days with stress and anxiety over what could have been.

OR -

You can take a deep breath and embrace your humanity. You were born to fully express your potential. It's why you were given the tools of a burning desire, a passion, and unique raw talent. These gifts are your birthright. Developing these gifts takes a bit of practice. With practice comes trial and error. Errors, mistakes, and downright bellyflops are all part of the natural learning process. These 'events' can be perceived as disastrous, life-ending. Or they can be viewed as life-affirming opportunities to grow and expand your authentic expression, bring forth your passion into reality. The way you see the problem is the problem. Every morning you have two choices, continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase your dreams. The choice is yours.

"A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery." ~ James Joyce, Ulysses

It is a painful thing to look at your own trouble and know that you yourself and no one else has created it. You can't shrink your way to greatness. What you fear, what you resist, is what your heart is calling you to become. If you have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone, you will not only be amazed by the new and inspiring possibility and potential of the world, but also with the wonder and amazing power that lays deep within yourself. Once this new vision and awareness has taken hold, it has to be trusted, it has to be given complete faith. To turn away from it and to engage in self-destructive acts of attached meanings, anxiety and stress is perilous. You don't have to get it right. You just have to get it going.

Let go of the hold you have on your own life through your anxiety. Stop getting in your own way of your success and life fulfillment. Let go of your attachment to the meanings you have created to become the ties that bind you. Let go and flow.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." -- Lao Tzu

Act and speak in the direction of your dreams. Don't just dream it. Be it. Put yourself out there. Do the thing that you resist the most. If you fall you will learn how to walk your walk better the next time. To reach your destination you must be willing to put one front of the other and take each step that will deliver you to your heart's desire.

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