What connection do you share with the Earth?

There are so many different things that people will come up with when asking them this. People connect in so many ways, and it seems that it is often a very personalized experience for most people. I have seen everything from no big deal, to what connection, to I feel it pulsate through every cell of my body and beyond. However, most people still look at their connection with the Earth as a sort of experience, like being in nature or listening to the wind blow through the leaves; or any other numerous experiences similar to this.

However, it is far fewer people that look at the deeper layers of connection that exist for us. This is the connection that really brings us together as one with the universe. This is the connection of interconnectedness or ONE. This is the connection where it is so deep that we actually will mirror each other.

Have you ever thought about why so much of what is happening in our Earth is happening? There are plenty that will just paint a doom and gloom picture that there is nothing that we can do to help the Earth. They place blame on everything “out there” from Chemtrails to Global Warming and so much more; and this only feeds a “victim” mentality. They have no idea that in reality they are creating more issues for us to deal with.

However, when we look at what is happening to our Earth, we can actually learn a great deal about ourselves. Earth is our visual for where we are at as a collective. What I have noticed is that Earth responds to the space that we are in; what we are thinking, feeling, and doing. This is not just a physical thing orchestrated by HAARP or the Elite.

I really feel it is time for us to step out of pretending to be the victims of a crumbling Earth; powerless to do anything. The reason so many of these things exist is because we have turned over our power; and stopped functioning from deep love as a collective. Yes, there are plenty of people out there full of love; as individuals. However, as a collective, we are too busy being greedy and overpopulating the Earth, depleting our resources and so on; but this is not the greatest place of destruction.

The greatest place of destruction comes from a lack of compassion. It comes from not caring and being mechanical; going through life like robots. The greatest destruction comes because we have been choosing to live in fear, control, hatred, anger, and all the things that could fall under the “7 deadly sins”. We have placed the material world as more important than heart and soul; and bought into the programming of fighting one another and living in our addictions.

So many also sit and wonder, “when will the world change”? That is simple, it changes when we do. No we don’t have to all take a vow of poverty; or give everything up and live like gurus. However, we do need to have a change of heart.

Earth and the Heart are very closely related in so many ways; and in my realm of codes they operate on the same energy current; and that current is Peace and Love. Earth is designed to live on and on and on; but to do this it requires us living in Peace and Love. In addition, it will do what it needs to do to help us accomplish that. It will shift and change not only by what we think, do, and feel; but to help us make this evolvement into an existence that so many would like to see; where harmony is not only possible, but alive and well.

The Earth does this through things like weather patterns, natural disasters, shifts in it’s axis, and many other things. When our love has dried up, the Earth also dries up. When our love is held back or deprived; the Earth is also deprived of vital nutrients. When we live in turbulence, the Earth also becomes a turbulent space.

So many wonder what Eden was like, or remember simpler times where they could really enjoy being outside without wearing masks or wonder what was being sprayed into the air. They remember when water was safe to drink, and the skies were truly blue - and not some distorted shade of it. They remember when nature was not crowded out with buildings and city after city after city. All of this is possible for us; everything is possible to be cleared, even if “science” says otherwise.

The Earth is our “home” when in this physical body; and most likely behind the real meaning of beliefs and scripture that say keep your house clean and you will be in greater connection. While many have connected this to the body, this is also connected to the Earth. It beckons us to not only love it; but to be loving with each other, to live a loving and compassionate life with ourselves and all others. This is not about activism; but about being centered in the Heart with an open flowing connection to Spirit and The Divine.

The turbulence on this Earth, will not stop; until we choose to stop being turbulent within and with others. It really is that simple, it is all it takes. With each person that makes this choice, the Earth thrives. The power of living in love, gratitude, compassion; can turn this Earth around in a heartbeat. It can shift and heal so fast; beyond physical explanation and reason.

This shift starts with each and every person. With every person that chooses this space of compassion, they will help others to remember the joy of this space too. This continues to cascade. Each and every person matters; and their choice to live from an open, loving, compassionate heart makes a huge difference for this beautiful home we have been given.

Will you shine your light and live from your heart in connection with Spirit and the Divine; allowing the Earth the opportunity to show us just how beautiful and wonderful it is? She has loved us all these years; isn’t it time that we return that love; as it takes so little to make such a huge difference?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Code Interpretor

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