Make someone's day!
When a person says to you, "I love your smile" or "I'm so proud of you" you are flattered; or you should be happy about it.
You are supported, lifted, encouraged, empowered and you feel good! Help others feel that way! You might find out they really needed the kind words.
Sometimes we discount kind compliments. We should never speak as though the compliments do not matter. The sincere giver meant what she said. Diminishing your value is not productive. You've met the people who say, "Oh, this old dress." or "My hair doesn't look good, it's a mess." “That report, it was nothing.” We are diminishing the good intentions of the person who gives us the compliment.
Receive the compliment in the same spirit in which it was given. Say, "Thank you."
We are pleased when someone compliments our purse or our shoes even when we don't act like it. Those types of compliments are visual; not about who we really are.

We may realize someone approves of our style but it's not really important in our daily living purpose.
It's easy to make us smile and feel great! We feel good when someone compliments our work or ideas. There is something special to be said about being complimented. Nothing else can fill that spot.

You can be confident, brave, strong, beautiful or smart but when someone throws a small compliment your way, it makes a difference. It is a memorable amd special difference in your day. Some people become silly and flustered by compliments; it is rather sweet to see.

Lifting others lifts us up too because we have pleased them.
Giving compliments and notice to others is a nourishing drop of kindness. As a drop of water begins to nourish a dry mouth, also kind words begin to nourish us. It is vital that we offer those kindnesses to others. It is important that we are sincere with our compliments. Sometimes we can't think of anything to say but maybe the color is beautiful or the heart was in the action.

When we can offer kindnesses through words, we should say them. Be sincere. Be aware that you can boost the self-esteem of others. Nourish, refresh and enhance everyone around you.

Leave criticism behind. Leave gossip behind.

Live. Lighten. Engage. Encourage. You will make a difference. When a child holds a small treat in his hand his eyes light up; the smiles begin and the recipients are pleased and excited. As rain drops nourish plants and nature you can also be a life supporter. So it is with people that you inspire in small ways. Acts of kindness never go unrewarded. Keep paying forward those kindnesses to others and you will find much joy in giving to others.

Bloom more today than you did yesterday.
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Love that you stop by. Bloom where you are planted!

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