One of the most powerful ways to build self confidence is to maintain a self confidence journal.

Here are few facts to consider:
1) Self confidence is no more than a set of beliefs
2) Beliefs are strengthened by repetition
3) People with low confidence filter out all compliments they get so their confidence is never increased

How can a self confidence journal help you build confidence?
Based on the previous facts we can conclude that if many events happened that proved to you that you are worthy your self confidence will increase.

Now what if these events kept happening every day? Won’t your self confidence increase gradually as time passes?

Certainly that will happen.

Here is how to use a confidence journal to increase your self confidence

1) Write all the compliments you get in text file
2) Update that file whenever you make a good achievement or whenever someone complements you
3) Read that file 2 times each day.

When should you read the confidence journal?
There are two times in the day where we become very receptive to suggestions, Right after we wake up and right before we sleep.

Read the journal in those two times each day and you will notice great improvement in your confidence as time passes.

Note that your journal should only contain facts so that it becomes convincing to your subconscious mind. Forget about affirmations and compliments that didn’t seem to be coming out of the person’s heart.

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