"If she thinks you want her too much, you’re going to lose your leverage." – Carlos Xuma

Movies and friends have led us to believe that if you're interested in a girl, you have to DESPERATELY pursue her, take her out to expensive dinners, buy her things, and spend tons of money on her to impress her and get her interested in you.

Sure, that might work on a gold digger who just wants your money.

But that's not how to go about attracting the 'perfect' girl to you.


Because, not only do you come across as needy and desperate, but when a woman knows she’s got your interest already it raises her value and power.

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Okay, so you know you SHOULDN’T spend a lot of money on a girl or desperately pursue her to win her affection…

So how do you attract a girl to you and have her chase you?

Be a challenge

One of the best ways to make women or girls chase you is to be a challenge.

What this mean is that, instead of calling a girl all the time and being too available… acting apologetic in order not to offend a girl… buying things for a girl to please her… and doing all the wimpish things in the hopes that a girl likes you… DO THE OPPOSITE.

Don’t be a hopeless romantic or show too much interest. Instead, strive to exhibit attractive MANLY mannerisms and behaviors to pull her to you.

In simple words, make girls chase you by virtue of your attractive personality. That is, make her have fun around you, including mini-dating with her. Have emotional relevant conversations with her. Be funny and make her laugh, demonstrate confidence and dominance, etc...

...but DO NOT desperately pursue her like most guys.

Stand out in an attractive way

You see, attractive women or pretty girls are used to having guys desperately pursuing them. But if you are indifferent to a woman, you give her the impression that you’re the prize and hence, YOU ARE the one worth pursuing.

This makes you valuable and fulfilling to her.

But understand this: You don’t want to act too much DISINTERESTED. Because when there’s no interest on your part, the woman won’t feel the need to chase you.

So what I recommend is to express your desire. Let her know you find her attractive, and you’re not afraid to make a move. Here, you will mini-date with her (learn how here), flirt with her (learn how to flirt with a girl), give her some attention, etc.

But don’t DESPERATELY pursue her.

SUBTLY show interest, but leave her guessing and wondering whether you’re interested in her or not.

Convey to her you have options, and you can walk away any time. Especially when she’s acting b!tchy or plays hard to get.

That’s when the CHASE begins.

If you successfully create attraction and you act as if you’re not interested in her, she will be obsessed over you and will be intent on getting you. Because, not only are you NOT desperately pursuing her like most guys, but you embody the personality traits that makes you attractive – fun to be around, self-confidence, humor, dominance, etc. [Read the personality traits women find attractive in a guy]

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Conclusion: How to be a challenge

When you initially meet an attractive woman, you’d want her to have the impression that you’re not like the other guys she meets. So don’t approach with a compliment or a come-on.

Don’t put a woman on a pedestal. Don’t kiss a woman’s a$$ or do things to please her. Including buying her things to win her affection.

Don’t brag or show off to impress a woman. This communicates to her you’re insecure and needy.

Don't put up with a woman’s BS. Disagree with her when she’s in the wrong. And learn to disappoint or say “no” – that means, do things for a girl because you want to and not because she asks you to. [Read how to be an alpha male]

And as you act indifferent to a woman, demonstrate your manly qualities… example, show self-confidence, dominance, assertiveness, etc.

You should also bust her chops or playfully banter with her to convey to her you’re not like the guys she’s used to dealing with.

When you non-verbally communicate to a woman that you’re the prize, and therefore has to work for your affection, you’ll increase your attractiveness. And she will be the one chasing you instead.

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So, to conclude… when you meet an attractive woman, act as if you are not really interested in her, but strive to pull her to you by exhibiting attractive MANLY mannerisms and behaviors.

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