The Beginning of Time, differs for different People on the Earth, and the memories each tribe holds depends upon the time of the Birth of their Spirit, and the Family Line that descends from that Ancestral Spirit. It is this spiritual understanding of ones Beginning, one’s Line of Descendant, that makes for the many stories of Creation, held by each Nation on Earth. The Memories of one tribes or one people's line of descent were not given to us argue about. Creation stories hold the unique perspective of a People's beginning in the Universal Order of Life. How can one family member tell another family member that they are wrong in their remembrance? These memories were to be shared with others to help them to see that there is a Sacred Order to Life and to teach them that they are One Family under the Lord God, Creator of All Life.

Imagine that we are sitting in a Great Circle, equals in every way, no matter the colour of your skin, your inner beauty, your language, and your education. We are sitting looking toward the centre of the Circle, contemplating our Mother and our Father. We are sharing the story of our personal birth memories and our life journey and our memories of our individual relationship with our Mother and Our Father. Each one of us will tell a similar story, however our telling will be in the words and symbols that have particular meaning to the individual sharing their story. As each Child takes their turn telling their story, we realize the differences of personality, the drama of events and the shifting sands of time, the joy and tears of the 'telling'. The common denominator in each story are the Mother and Father.

To some in the Great Circle, the Father is a wonderful Protector, to others He is a just Disciplinarian, while to another He is Slow to Action, to another He is Dependable, and to another His remarkable feature is 'He will Always be there when needed', steadfast and never changing. Some would sooner forget Him all together. Some like certain attributes and some do not like them. Some of the Children feel privileged and others feel forgotten. The Father though has many roles and titles to match.

Each one in the Great Circle has an opinion, and some of the opinions are shared while others are only held by a few. Remember too, that as it is with all Families, there are age differences, some are strong, some smarter, others shy, meek and mild. Some are fierce and others bullies. Some are elder Brothers and Sisters and others are quite young. In the Great Circle all are equal. Some have short memories and others remember more.

When the Children share memories of their Mother, some are overjoyed at Her loving Gifts. Again some remember her when she was young and strong. Others remember a Mother that was in stages of transformation, when she wasn't quiet nor docile, as she seemed ferocious and destructive. Some like to think of their Mother only when she was Nurturing and others feel that as she has aged she is not as giving and seems worn out. There are those that are stuck in their thoughts of Her when She was a young Girl filled with optimistic virtue before she became the Warrior Maiden, defending Her Young. Some only remember the 'old lady'. Others think she should just stay in the back ground.

In this Great Circle of Family, each Nations Creation story when told, helps the other nations, understand the Order of the Universe and their Spiritual significance they have for the rest of Creation. For the sake of Harmony and Balance and for the Restoration of Heaven on Earth, and for our Future Peace, each nation in the Family of Oneness needs to be concerned for every other Nation. What we want for our own lives the rest of the World wants for their own lives. We are not different from one and other. We are the same. Our expression, language, colour, and culture differs only in our geography. Only in the way the Creator wanted His Children to grow.

Everyone has Personal memories and shared Family memories. Some in the Great Circle only want to think about the World of Matter, while others like to dwell on the World of Spirit. Conflict arises when we stop Respecting our other Family members. When One Family member forgets that we are equal in Love. When one Family Member rejects outright that there may be other perspectives of equal merit. When one Family Member wants the Family Story shared in their Symbolic Language and no other form of expression is allowed to be shared. In the One Family of the Great Circle, Father and Mother, Love All their Children and want the Best for them All. They continually delight in the self expression,
the stories, the achievements and daily delight at the growth of their Children, and are patient with the slow growth of others. Their Children are their Love. Each one is Sacred, Special, Hope in form, and their Love abundantly manifested.

Understand that the Stories of Creation make up One Gigantic Story, coloured with exerts of smaller stories, that are intertwined, through Time and Space, of All of the Children of Heaven and Earth. One Story from the Beginning of Time throughout Eternity. Some of the stories are hidden, some are clearly visible, some are recalled when others are reminded, and some parts of the story some of the Children want to forget. When we state that there are many Paths to the Source, the paths are Perspectives, shaped into words, pictures, dances, songs, poems, movies, symbolic representations of our perspectives, that when shared by others become religions, spiritual paths, cultural identities, individual philosophies, etc. There is only One True Path, as there is Only One Family and One True Source. The Perspective that is most important is the Great Spirit's perspective, as we are made to be like our Father and our Mother.

Spending time arguing about the journey is a waste of Time, for the journey is ongoing. Sharing one's lessons of living in love and caring, discovered on the journey is important, for in this way we grow in Mind, Heart, Body, Spirit and Soul.

The Father (Love/Light/Heaven) and Mother (Love/Light/Earth) ask only one thing from their many Children of Love and Light. They ask them to Love one another. To Love one and others. To treat each other as they would like to be treated. To listen with their Hearts (love) and use their Minds (light), to reason with Love(soul), so that the Body of the Family, will grow Greater in Love. There are many parts in One body, each with it's own role to play.

All that the Mind loves becomes Spirit. All that the Heart loves, becomes Matter. It is the Heart, that kneads/needs that which it loves, into physical form. All of the Physical World, was and is brought into being, through the enfolding of Love. From the heart and mind of the Creator God, His Love burst forth. His Great Love for Life could not be contained. Love emanated outward to create the Universe and everything in it. From His Great and Holy Spirit other Spirits were called into Being and were given purpose and form. All that mattered to the Creator God's Mind and Heart becomes His Soul, and was Spiritually born. That which matters to the mind (water) and heart (fire), become physical in the seventh fold of thought. All that the Great Spirit made on Earth was made in six days and the Seventh Day when All was complete, The Creator rested, making every day after a Sacred and Holy Day.

Out of the Deep, out of the Waters of Consciousness, as the Great Spirit of God awakened, His pools of thought filling the Universe with Beauty, the Spiritual realm was born. Once the Creator God thought of the need for Your Spirit in the great design of life, you as a Spirit, was born. From that moment you were birthed into Life, as One Spirit of the Great Spirit of God. You are one being given Purpose. One drop of Water in the Ocean of Spiritual Consciousness. To drink from the living well, the unending source of life, is the understanding you receive as your Spirit, recalls and knows with certainty where it emanates from. The knowledge of One's relationship to God the Father. How humbling! How can One ever be thirsty again? We are all given the One Spirit to drink. When One is connected, filled to the brim and over flowing with the Purity and Love of one's relationship to one's Maker, what glory can compare?

We are Spirits given a Material Body to dwell in. Does a drop of water know that it is a drop of water when it is in the Ocean? Remember when you were a child. Could you explain to others that you were
more than what was seen with the eyes? Usually one doesn't understand that there is a Spiritual reality until they are taught as they reach the transformative years of adolescence.

The energy of the Sacred Heart is the life force inspired by the Creator God and the Spark of Divine Light, flowing through the breath, blood and rivers, blessedly graced, to all Life. The Elemental Spirit of Fire, is ever reaching to unite with her Other, the Element of Water, for together they dance the divine Dance of Love, that brings All Life into being. On Earth, Fire represents the Sun, as the Spirit of Fire always reflects and reminds Life of the Sacred Heavenly Father. Yet, Fire represents the female principal of Light. Fire and Water are complementary opposites, one representing Love (water) and the other, Light (fire). They do not fight one and other. They come together in need; the need of One for its Other, the need of One for it’s Lover. The Dance of Love is the kneading/needing of these two powerful Spirits. The enfolding of their love, their need for one and other, physically manifests Life into being, becoming their Children. Their Children are their Love, that they protect and nurture together, forever. Fire is the female spirit that seeds Faith for Life. Faith is born through true fidelity for Love. Fire is Faith. A spark of light can cause a fire, that left to burn undisturbed, can set the Universe on Fire, or cause Great Faith.

The Earth as a physical reality mattered to many Spirits, in time, and through time, took form and became matter (physical). As the Children of God, of Heaven and Earth grow and change, as our thoughts unite, or divide, the material world we call our reality changes too. When thoughts of love dominate the thoughts of fear and hate, a more beauty filled world comes into existence. When all we focus on is negative, fear and hate dominate, our world shakes and crumbles. It is once again the coming together of the seventh fold of thought that will transform our Worlds. We can choose Illusion or a new Reality. The choice is of one's own choosing.

My Hope is Love, Peace on Earth and an end to the pain and suffering that many are choosing to foist on others. One simply needs to connect to the Living Source and drink. Walk in a Good Way each and Every day as best you can and let the Creator God do the rest.


Lightening Woman
Paula Johnstone-Whitehawk

April 7th, 2009

Author's Bio: 

Universal Spiritual Teacher with over 30 years experience.
Doctorate in Natural Medicine, World Board of Natural Medicine
Peace Maker,Traditional Medicine Woman
Wife, Mother, Grand Mother and Hopefully a good Friend