In this discussion, we will compare old and new GRE test and its various sections


In the verbal reasoning section, it tests the ability of analyzing written material and understanding the information in the reading comprehension test. It also helps to figure out relationship among different sentence parts. It also comprehends the relationships between concepts and words.

In the quantitative reasoning section, it helps to understand the basic concept related to arithmetic, geometry, data analysis and algebra. Also, it analyzes different reasons in a quantitative way. It also solves the problem related to quantities.

In the writing section, it contains one topic related to “issue” and one topic related to “argument” topic.
The highest score related to the old GRE is 1600. This score ranges for both the quantitative and verbal reasoning section is 200-800. These scores are found in ten point increments. Students can get their scores immediately after the exam

The old GRE is a computer-adaptive test or CAT. This test is quite different from the traditional pencil-and-paper test.


In the verbal reasoning section, less focus would be on the vocabulary section and more focus would be on ‘higher-level’ of cognitive thinking.

In the quantitative reasoning section, students have to give emphasis on the data interpretation section and real-life problems.

In the writing section, GRE test will be the same for old and new one.

In the verbal reasoning section, it will neither consist of analogies nor include antonyms. Instead, it will consist of more sentence completion questions. In the reading comprehension sections, it will have two new types of questions. Also, it will include traditional multiple choice questions along with the sentence highlighting questions and multiple answer questions. In the multiple choice questions, students would be asked to give answers to three questions and out of which they might choose one, two or all of three questions.

The highest score on the new GRE is 340. The score range for both the quantitative and verbal reasoning section is 130 to 170. And, scores are as usual available immediately after the exam.

In this discussion, we will also give one small brief about GRE prep test, because practice tests are important, while taking preparation for the GRE tests. When we practice, students keep learning and improving on the areas of weakness. With the help of GRE prep test, students will find those difficulties in the exam much easier. And, gradually they get ready for the exam.

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