Onam is a harvest festival which is celebrated in south India, especially in Kerala with a great grandeur and gaiety. This is one of the most important festival celebrated by all communities across the state of Kerala. The Onam carnival lasts almost for 10 days. It is a tribute to King Mahabali who was known as very powerful and benevolent. Because of his good deeds, god gifted him with a privilege of visiting his region to see the welfare of his people every year. The festival symbolizes the freedom and heavenly rule of king Mahabali. People celebrate this festival with a great zest and zeal. They get a wonderful opportunity to exchange well wishes and make each other feel happy with Onam gifts. Here are few awesome Onam festival gift ideas work for you and your dear ones.
1. Apparels - Onam is a colorful festival. Why not celebrate it with colorful clothes. Apparels can be ideal gifts for your friends and family members. You can either present traditional Onam clothes or make your loved ones feel happy with modern dresses. Also, you can ask your dear one his or her choice and gift them their favorite apparel.
2. Jewelry - Everyone like to wear beautiful jewelry items. Especially women. If you are planning to give gift to your mother, sister, spouse or girlfriend on this Onam, then there is nothing better than jewelry. You may gift silver, gold or fashion jewelry. Make sure to choose the jewelry item based on the liking of the person whom you want to offer a gift. So, gift a jewelry to your loved one and make this Onam unforgettable for her or him.
3. Statues of God - People who are religious and believe in god don’t find anything better than their favorite god’s statue. Make Onam a reason to give this gift to someone who is religions and make that person feel blessed.
4. Flowers and sweets - Onam is related to flowers and sweets. Therefore, they can be the perfect gifts for this great festival. You can buy a bouquet of flower from flower vendor or make your own bouquet of different colorful flowers.
Sweets are one of the important parts of any festival. No festival is complete without sweets. You can gift special homemade sweets to your dear ones and fill their hearts with joy and happiness. You can also try chocolates or any other sweet items to add more joy to the festivity.
5. Greeting Cards - If there is something that can help you convey your emotions effectively, then it is greeting cards. They convey your message in a beautiful way. Their beauty hold the attention of viewers and convey your sentiments powerfully. If you want to try something unique, then you can send Personalized Onam greeting cards to your family and friends. These greeting cards allow you to give your personal touch to your favorite greeting card by adding your own message and image. You can send personalized ecards and make your Onam wishes more special.
Onam is not only a festival, but it’s a celebration of humanity. It brings great happiness and joy. Make this Onam the best for your loved ones with Onam wishes and gifts.

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