There is always this fatal obsession and adventurous allure of riding Harley-Davidson or Ducatti motorcycles on the road. However, the popularity of motorcycles in Australia has resulted in a significant number of accidents and fatalities. Both state and national governments have initiated several safe motorcycle riding measures to cut down the number of victims. Motorists are encouraged to practice proper motorcycle driving not only to protect themselves but also the other motorists in the road as well. For your own safety, you may want to check out brand new and quality motorcycles at motoring search sites like Odusee.

Statistics have shown that 92% of most motorcyclists are unskilled and self-taught. Many of them tend to ignore important motorcycle safe riding techniques that were designed to keep them away from harm. Effective training is needed now that there is a record increase in the number of motorcyclists in Australia. Here are important tips that a road biker should follow in order to prevent accidents on the road:

If you’re running at full speed, make sure you decelerate first before you use the brake because it is difficult to control and maneuver your motorcycle and break right away at such high speed. So the higher the speed, the longer the breaking distance is.

Stopping distances doesn’t have a linear progression as compared with breaking distances. So if a motorcycle speeding at 50 mph has a braking distance of 55 feet then it doesn’t have to apply to a 70-feet braking distance achieved by a 65-mph speed.

Weather changes beyond our control so there are times the sun is shining then rain starts to drizzle without warning. There are driving schools that provide safe rider motorcycle training. Heavy rain can make the road slick and slippery while making visibility very low. When you negotiate a tight curve or going downhill, apply brakes and maintain effective stopping distances.

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by poor cornering maneuvers. Always wear safety equipment like knee caps, heavy-duty gloves, and rock-solid helmets to protect you from serious trauma or concussions. In order to avoid accident, maintain stability, body posture, and slow down as you approach the turn.

The motorcycle can be considered as part of our body. So as part of our reflex, we tend to go to the direction where our head turns. We need to keep our eyes on the road because anything that can distract us can always lure us off the road.

Make yourself visible to other motorists especially if you are driving in wide open highways and expressways. Position yourself in a lane where you have a clear view of what’s ahead of you.

If you are not an expert dirt biker then you have to follow safe motorcycle riding tips when you are on an uneven road surface with water puddles along the way. If you go over a deep water puddle, there is a greater chance mud and water will obstruct your view as it splashes unto your helmet.

It is advisable to follow motorcycle riding tips that include evasive driving and maneuvering techniques in order to avoid roadkill. These animals can become serious road hazards because it is the natural instinct for some to swerve to avoid hitting them but sometimes it would lead to serious and oftentimes fatal accidents.

Different cities, towns, and areas in Australia have set their speed limit. Stay well on the speed limit because the police will always apprehend those who violate the speed limit. There is no need for motorcycle safe riding tips because everyone knows what will happen if you go beyond your motorcycle’s speed threshold.

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