On page SEO is an intelligent way to bring traffic on your website. Almost all webmasters do SEO for their website, but still they don’t get enough site visitors. Why? They make on page SEO mistakes which are very crucial for web page optimization.

If you are interested about doing on page SEO rightly, then follow these tips and avoid on page SEO mistakes:

Choosing wrong title: The title tag is very important. The title should properly reflect the web page content. Most of the time you put wrong keywords in your title. In absence of right keywords, search engine bots won’t be able to identify your page content. If you have 5 to 7 pages in your site, don’t put the same title text for all the pages. Search engines hate duplicate headings and titles.

Meta tags: While using different values like robots, description, keywords under the name attribute of meta tag, you may do mistakes. When using meta name=”robots”, don’t write content=”noindex,nofollow”. Search engine spiders will simply abandon your page. If you have a single Forex business software as product, don’t write “Forex, Forex market, Forex trading, Forex broker, Forex trends, Forex tutorial, Forex quotes, Forex Software” under meta name=”description”. Search engines will simply treat your page as SPAM. Write a meaningful sentence like, “ForexABC.com is a website for selling best Forex market software worldwide through internet”. And in meta name=”keywords”, put different keywords. A series of keywords containing same word will surely be treated as spammy.

Content: You may try SEO copyrighting and include too many keywords all over your page content. The practice is called keyword stuffing. If search engine spiders find out that your page is low in content and high in keyword stuffing, they will skip your pages.

Keyword research: You are strictly followed all on page SEO techniques and your content is really worth, but traffic is still going away. Why? Because you may not have chosen the right keywords. Choosing wrong keyword is a kind of suicide to your SEO. Do some keyword researches about what and how people are searching and include relevant keywords in your text.

Sitemap and indexing: As a webmaster it is your job to keep a sitemap.xml of your website. Link your web pages to each other. Check inner links among pages and avoid any broken link.

Text formatting: You may have written a good article with right keywords but that’s not enough for the on page SEO. If you keep your text unformatted then search engine spiders can’t understand the keywords. Important keywords of the page should be highlighted with bold (B) or underlined (U) tag. Search engine takes the words in such tags seriously and shows your page right on the search results. But don’t use too much of bold or italic tags. That’s another mistake to confuse search engines.

These are some of the common on page SEO mistakes that you should avoid. And remember, the primary factor for getting visitors on your website is great content, not any SEO technique. If you do SEO with losing focus on content, that will be another mistake!

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