If you wish to materialize your dreams of obtaining a good ranking in search engine results, you must learn to comply with the intelligent techniques search engines use and get good rankings. On-page optimization helps you to understand the requirements of the search engines and convert your website into one that is not only user friendly but also search engine friendly and thereby obtain a good ranking. Given below are some valuable tips on how title optimization can effectively lead to search engine optimization.

Title Optimization

Title is the name you give your website and you see it on the title bar on the top left corner of your web browser. The title is enclosed within the title tag in the HTML code of the web page. If you look into the source code of your web page you will find the title tag in the head section of the HTML code. This is a very important element in website on-page optimization. Make your title short, but informative about your website. It should give the visitor an idea of what he might expect to find in your website. The title should be attractive and kindle the interest of the user to visit your site. An effective title helps achieve on-page optimization and makes SEO endeavors a success

Points to remember in Title Optimization

• Your advertisement strategy may aim at popularizing your name or business name or site name. In that case, make sure that these names appear in the title. Consider the words a user might use to search for your website or for other websites offering similar products and services and include them in the page title.

• If your service is region specific, you would want potential customers in and around that region to find you in the local business search. If that is the case, including the county and state where your business is based will help a lot!

• If your aim is to get a good ranking for certain keywords, then include them in the title. In your enthusiasm to include all the important words in the title do not stuff it with too many keywords. Make it short and sweet yet, descriptive of the content.

• You can also include your contact phone number on the title tag. It instigates your visitors to call you immediately. It also makes your site look more professional and authentic. In case you do not wish to do so, you can always include the contact number details in the Meta description provided in the HTML code.

• Search engines give more weight to title tag and heading tags. So place the title tag as the first tag in the head section of the page. Structure the content of the web page with proper heading of different levels: H1, H2, H3, etc. Keywords can also be placed in these headings. Do not choose several keywords as the focus might be lost.

Thus, title optimization plays a vital role in your website’s SEO. Now that you know about it, make the changes in your website and see the difference!

There are several other steps to on-page optimization. The next step Meta Tag Optimization is provided in my next article “On-page optimization: Step 2 – Meta Tag Optimization.” Read it and learn more on on-page optimization.

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