Are you a list freak? I have attempted to be one many times in my life but without success. I even bought a fancy organizer to remind me to start every day by making a priority list. Problem is I keep forgetting to open the organizer and fill in the spaces under the “Today’s Tasks” column. You think perhaps writing down priorities is just not a priority for me?

Do not mistake my cavalier attitude toward list-making to be a personal judgment as to their value to the list-maker. Writing stuff down helps one remember, especially old ones like me, to do the important stuff in perfectly prioritized order. They are also helpful to remind us how very little we truly accomplish on any given day. But today’s discussion is less about task or priority lists than it is about laundry lists for lovers.

Do you have one? If so, hopefully you are single and your list is not too lengthy. If you are married and have one, then do not be surprised if your loving spouse has one as well! Perhaps you should lose your list, give your mirror a double dose of truth serum, and start working on making your spouse’s list a reality. Trust me friend, the grass definitely ain’t (sorry Grandmother) greener-I already mowed and weedeated over there and I can vouch for that truth.

If you are single and you have a lengthy list of wishes for your next romantic partner, maybe you should shorten it. Are you so picky, so set on your wish list for love that it should be chiseled on Lincoln’s forehead at Mt. Rushmore? Seriously, why set the bar so high that only Superman or Wonder Woman would measure up? The last time I checked Superman was a comic book creation and Lynda Carter has…wait a minute; I wonder if she has a thing for middle-aged poets?

This topic was brought to mind recently when a precious friend on Facebook asked me if I had a list of qualities I was seeking in my next romance. Of course, I said I did. It is just that mine has changed, translate gotten shorter, over the years-um, my list that is! It used to have about 8 or 9 “must haves” on it and now it has only one. Yes, one!

All that I am looking for in my next romance is everything that Sarah Brightman is! That is all I want. She has only to accept my proposal and my search is over, my work is done. Nothing else she does, right or wrong, will matter. Her idiosyncrasies will be charming to me. Her temper tantrums (assuming she ever has one) will be manna to my ears. She will not have to cook or clean and can carry on during the day however and with whomever she pleases, just as long as she comes home to me at night!

Really, I have whittled my list down to the bare essentials. She must be a nice person. To this writer that means she is not rude or condescending to anyone. She is kind and sweetness percolates through every pore of her body. She will be my best friend but not my only friend and will believe in and champion me like no one else. I will be her best friend but not her only friend and will allow me to believe in and champion her like no one else. She has a forgiving nature because creative people require much forgiving. Finally, she arouses passion in me with only the faintest whiff of her perfume and slays me with her kiss.

That is my list, what is yours? Does it really matter if he drops a dirty sock or two on the floor, a few inches short of the hamper? Should it be a deal breaker if she won’t throw caution to the wind by getting on the back of your Harley? Especially since she puts the wind in your sails with her smile! If one look into the forever of her eyes fires your engine up and makes the Daytona 500 quiet by comparison, then, pray tell, what is the problem here? Shorten your list and buy a bicycle built for two!

As for me, I can assure you of this. If I am at dinner on a romantic date and the setting is perfect. The food is exquisite and the wine is appropriately matched. And then we dance for the first time. Nothing compares to that special occasion when two former strangers embrace during a romantic dance. Sometimes at that moment passion and purpose collide and it makes chemistry seem tepid in comparison. If that happens it will NOT matter if she cannot cook like my mother or sing like Sarah! Besides, I will probably forget to bring my list anyway, darned organizers.

Author's Bio: 

The acting and writing bug bit Michael at an early age, performing his first role as Peter Pan in a sweeping 3rd grade production. That early play became a catalyst for future leading roles in productions ranging from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ to ‘The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia’ to ‘Our Town’, and, his personal favorite, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Currently, Michael is playing the role of a detective in his first feature length film. He is a writer and is working on a book of his original poetry, as well as a novel. Additionally, he has done radio work, PA announcing at sporting events, and served many organizations as a motivational speaker. He is the founder of Final Word Solutions.

Michael is the proud father of three children and grandfather to two amazingly gifted and extraordinarily handsome grandsons! Taylor Nicole is a professional actress and lives in Santa Monica; CA. Clayton is a restaurant manager and also lives in Santa Monica. Cody is a Music Minister and is married to Kristin, parents to the aforementioned unsurpassed grandsons, Kailas and Conner. Michael’s greatest pleasure in life is playing with his grandsons, proving that he still NEVER, NEVER, NEVER wants to grow up!