Not many days are remaining till the last day to file your next income tax returns. Your job is not done after filing the ITR. It has to be substantiated by the assessee too. In the current system, you have the easy and quick facility to do this electronically which is far more convenient than dispatching an attested ITR-V to Centralized Processing Center (CPC) in Bangalore. Yes, digitalization has indeed made things easier and quicker. Tax payers or Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) who enter their return in form ITR-4 are mandated to get all their accounts appraised. Accordingly, there is no need for further verification as the ITR will be signed digitally. Let us explore each method in detail.

Methods of E-Verifications:

i. Electronic Verification Code (EVC):
You can get an EVC sent to your registered email and mobile number, which will be valid for three days. You can click on one of the options, ‘already have an EVC to e-verify my return’ and ‘do not have an EVC…’ The first option of for recurring users and the second one if for first time users. The second choice is for those who earn an annual income less than INR 5 lacs.

ii. Generate Aadhaar One-Time-Password (OTP):
This method required your Aadhaar and PAN to be linked to the income tax website. If not, a pop up reminder would take you through the process. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, which has to be entered in the box provided for the same and submit. OTP will expire after 10 minutes.

iii. Use internet banking account to e-file:
You shall login to your internet banking account. And on the first page, you can see an ‘income tax e-filing’ tab. Click on it and you will be navigated to the official website of income tax department. Select the choice ‘View Returns/ Forms’ to have e-filed tax returns displayed. Then you can directly e-verify the whole thing.

iv. Validate using bank account:
As the latest method initiated by the Income Tax Department for you to electronically verify your ITR, this method needs your bank account details like your account number and IFSC code as well as registered email ID and mobile number. An EVC will be sent to both.

v. Verify in person from the office:
You can drop in at the nearest income tax office with all your income and investment proofs.

vi. Send physical acknowledgment (ITR-V) to CPC, Bangalore:
If you are unable to e-verify instantly due to any contingency, then you can download the ITR-V directly using a system generated password. Attest it by hand with blue ink and then dispatch it to CPC via (speed) post. Please note that the file must reach the office in 4 months from the day you downloaded. You do not have to mail any backup papers along; just send the single-page ITR-V. Once it is received and reviewed at the office, you will get a confirmation email.

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Sanjit Agarwal is a Financial Adviser by profession with an experience of around eight years in Personal Finance. As a Financial Writer, he has penned various write-ups on Insurance, Investments, Money Management, Retirement Planning, Savings, Tax, etc.