For energy guzzling countries like India, dissimilar types of fuel powers the financial system. From the petrol used in cars to the diesel used in a water pump in an agriculture field, fuel powers much of our action. There is, however, a concern. Every time you necessitate fuel, you call to make trips to the adjoining fuel pump. In an on-demand world where the whole thing can be delivered to your doorstep, the straight way of getting fuel seems to be different by Mobile Petrol Pump.

The solution: Delhi based FuelBuddy is an enterprise that manufactures mobile fuel dispensing units enabling door delivery diesel.

FuelBuddy main focus has always been to solve the problems of individual customers. It means the explanation may not be similar for all customers, and it wants to address individual customer necessities. This means to execute diverse solution as required in mass customization.

The High Accuracy Fuel Metering and Dispensing System (HAFMDS) are in sync with the government’s objective of delivering fuel at the door step. The budge is probable to have a large impact on the protection of national resources by avoiding pointless travel of vehicles to a refueling pump and waiting there in a queue, which burns precious fuel and causes pollution.

The dispensing unit models range from a mobile petrol pump near me for door-to-door delivery, dispensing and metering of mobile dispensing systems for re-fuelling earthmovers in mines and construction sites, liquid measuring systems, dispensing and metering of non-corrosive liquid at chemical plants, etc.

The unit is capable of delivering fuels such as diesel, bio-diesel, and light diesel oil. “It is highly correct dispensing unit prevents wastage completely and can be operated by the engine of the truck or by its battery power. The mobile dispensing units can be used to deliver fuel at mines, road constructions, truck terminals, and river and sea ports, among others.

The unit comprises confident special parts that prevent the waste of fuels and help operational in an environment-friendly manner. These include a pressure vacuum valve, which reduces evaporation losses and is also an important safety item in diesel pumps to avoid fire hazards. Another one is the shear valve, which prevents spillage of fuel in case of accidental ramming of the dispenser by activating puppets that shut off fuel flow.

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India is a vast agro-based country with an assorted geographical region that is not fully serviced for fuel management requirements like diesel for pumps, tractors, power tillers, etc. Also, there are a huge number of country boats in inland waters & rivers for which diesel is requisite at the locations. Thus, they believe there’s a huge opportunity for this convenient diesel delivery in India.