During each of the many times I’ve begun this article, I’ve felt at once inspired to share and perplexed as to how to begin. So I am jumping in. Here goes:

I feel dismayed when I hear people, especially those who describe themselves as light workers, refer to the darkness as bad or negative. To fully discuss the subject would entail marinating myself in negativity in order to point out what’s wrong. That’s not my style, and would reach no one, empower no one, nor expand anyone’s perspective, as most are ensconced within their belief systems. I prefer to marinate in love.

So, briefly – the whole light/dark, good/bad paradigm in which dark means bad is as outdated as the Flat Earth Society. Come on now, especially for light workers who are dark themselves – meaning dark-skinned, or skilled in working in the darkness as are mediums, artists and other highly creative people, there are so many other descriptive words to use to convey meaning.

For those interested in releasing that polarity as attached to a good/bad value judgment and embracing a more specific mode of expression, here are some suggestions of terms to use, rather than dark, to describe your feelings, perceptions, experiences, etc.:


Surely you can think of others. Dig deeper. Express more accurately to love more fully.

Last but not least, a shout out, kudos, hats off, congratulations and loving encouragement to all who already march with confidence through situations that others fear and so label dark/bad. March on! It’s all love!

PS: The best chocolate is dark. :-)

Miracles and blessings!
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
“The AmBadassador of Light!”

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