Call center solution industry is one of the fastest growing industries. There are so many advancements happening in the call center industry. The call center software offers different types of features and based on the list of features available in the call center solutions, it usually gets categorized under different types. The omnichannel call center software is one of the most advanced call center solutions. In this article, you will learn about it in detail.

Generally, the call center solution offers audio aka voice calls as a mean of communication. The customers can call in or the agents call out to have a conversation. It also comes with a wide array of features and reports to benefit its users. The omnichannel call center software offers all modes of communication so the call centers can take benefit of unified communication mechanisms. Let’s understand the communication modes available in the omnichannel call center solution:

Voice calls

It supports inbound and outbound calling to have a conversation. This is traditional and most used type of calling mode in the call centers.

Video calls

To benefit customers with enriched communication experience, the omnichannel call center solution offers two way video calling.


This type of solution also offers advanced instant messaging. It can be used for internal communication among agents as well as it can be used to provide live chat support to customers. This also offers some advanced features such as transfer chat, forward chat, etc.


This mode of communication is not used too widely, but still, there are some industry verticals in which it is in use. It offers eFaxing features to the call centers. It means without any fax related hardware or stationery, the call centers can send and receive faxes.


It is the most professional mode of communication in many industries. It becomes necessary to send some emails to the customers during or after the live call. Thus, omnichannel call center solutions offer email as one of the modes of communication. Within the call center software, the agents can receive emails and email responses as well as they can send an email without leaving this solution.


In some campaigns, it becomes necessary to verify a customer. Generally, the agents send an SMS to verify the caller. In some cases, an SMS is sent to provide more details about the raised point. There are still many use cases in which SMS is used as a mode of communication and that’s why it is offered as one of the modes of communication in the business.


This app has become a lifeline for many. There are many people that use WhatsApp messaging as one of the core modes of communication and it can’t be ignored. Thus, the call center solution providers include it in their omnichannel solution offering.

Social Media

Customers have started sharing their interests and outrage on social media. Thus, the companies have started adding social media in the omnichannel call center solution so the call centers can make complete use of it.

These communication modes are only available in the omnichannel call center software to benefit its users with abundant benefits.

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