Oligozoospermia is a condition in which amount of sperm is not appropriate to fertilize the women's egg. Moreover, this irritating condition is commonly recognized as low sperm count which can be treated effectually with the help of effective oligozoospermia natural treatment. Furthermore, the low sperm count is prime reason for male infertility. In addition, it is considered that a person is suffering from low sperm count when he has less than 20 ml. spermatozoa in 1 ml of ejaculation. And, the lower level of sperm decreases the odds that any one of the sperm will be successful to fertilize the female’s egg. Nonetheless, many males who suffer from low sperm count are able to father a child with the help of oligozoospermia natural treatment.

There are many causes that may affect the male fertility. Firstly, genetic problem or hormonal disorders can affect the production of sperm. Secondly, any injury that affects the male organ can result in the form of low sperm count. Thirdly, deficiency of vitamins can lead to this problem, for instance zinc, selenium and vitamin C. Fourthly, some prescribed medications can affect the sperm production, for example cancer medications, and anabolic steroids. Fifthly, environmental conditions may also lead to this problem, for instance exposure to toxins or chemicals. However, the oligozoospermia natural treatment is capable in increasing the sperm count effectually by treating the exact cause of the problem. But, it is important to understand what determines sperm health.

1. Quantity determines that a male is likely to be fertile if he ejaculates. Moreover, a normal ejaculation contains 39 million sperms, and lesser quantity might prove to be inappropriate for fertility.

2. Quality of sperm is also important. Moreover, it is considered that more than 4% of sperm should have normal shape and structure to fertilize an egg.

3. In order to penetrate the egg, the sperm has to reach the egg on their own. Moreover, if a male is fertile than more than 40% of his sperm should be moving.

However, oligozoospermia natural treatment can prove to be effective in treating the quantity, quality and motility of the sperm. Some important tips are mentioned ahead to prevent the male infertility.

1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable because these foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that may prove to be beneficial to improve sperm health. Also, sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals play an important role in oligozoospermia natural treatment.

2. Get plenty of physical activity because it is good for reproductive health. Also, the appropriate amount of exercising can balance the hormone level.

3. It is important to keep a watch over weight as too much fat may disrupt the reproductive hormones production which may result in low sperm count and abnormal sperm.

4. Avoid tobacco and alcohol because both can misshapen the sperm, and reduce the quantity and quality of sperm. In addition, the faulty habit of smoking and drinking may affect the effectiveness of the oligozoospermia natural treatment.

5. Many household and workplace substances may affect the sperm quantity and quality, for example pesticides and chemicals, and industrial heavy metals. Moreover, it is important to use protective clothing, face mask, gloves and proper ventilation to minimize the risk of absorbing toxins.

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