Delhi, the capital city of India, is also known as the 'Dilwalon ki Dilli.' It is because the residents of this place have a sense of belongingness, and they have always welcomed the visitors wholeheartedly. Not only its array of attractions, but the culinary experience of Delhi is breathtaking. The city has its cultural essence and fascinating history.
If you want to witness its amazing historical aura, you can visit Old Delhi. Spend some time in the historical charm, never sleeping characteristic and squeaky lanes there. You don't have to worry about departing from here since the airport is a few miles away. From there, you can board the Delhi to Sydney flight with no shortcomings.
Old Delhi has proved to be a heart-stealing destination for all the tourists who have been here. Let us know more about the essential experiences that you must participate in while being in Old Delhi.

1. Early morning walk

Just like every coin has two faces, Old Delhi has its two phases! You wouldn't even believe that this busiest place is the most serene one during the early morning. The streets are lonely during the early morning, while during the daytime, they are overcrowded. If you visit this place during the early morning hours, you are surely going to sense tranquility. The lifestyle here is going to take you back to the monochromatic time. So, if you want to have some quaint time away from the hustle and bustle of cities, you should surely be a part of this walk.

2. Rickshaw rides

If you want to explore Old Delhi's beauty just like a locale, you can try out the amazing rickshaw ride here. The rickshaw ride is going to take you on tour into the squeaky lanes of Old Delhi. It is surely going to prove as a 'one-of-a-kind' experience for you. While being a participant in this ride, you would be witnessing and visiting the bazaars, restaurants, elegant shrines, and various monuments of this place. Overall, you are going to let your senses immerse in the historical relevance of Delhi during the rickshaw ride.

3. Shopping

Before catching your Delhi to Sydney flight, it stands important for you to indulge in the shopping scenes here. Of course, you would have to take some souvenirs back home from Old Delhi. That's how you are going to remember this trip till your last breath. Whether you want to buy stationery, clothing, accessories, or toys, you are going to get everything here. The plus point is that every accessory here is affordable, and thus, it won't even harm your pockets. Some of the best and highly famous bazaars in Old Delhi are Dariba Kalan Road (famous for its costumes and silver jewelry), Kinari Bazar (marriage-related shopping), Meena Bazar (for its antiques), and the Cycle Bazar.

4. Historical monuments

Old Delhi is a hub of uniqueness, and what makes it unique is the plethora of historical monuments present here. Some of the most famous and well-visited monuments here are the Red Fort, Khooni Darwaza, and Delhi Gate. On mentioning the highly prominent spiritual hubs here, they include the Jama Masjid and Sheeshganj Gurudwara. You would be stunned to note that this place is a melting pot of all religions.

5. Food walk

Delhi is dotted with a plethora of restaurants, but nothing can beat the drooling crispy paratha from Chandni Chowk. Not only the parathas, but the place is also famous for its nihari and other delicious desserts. Thus, if you are a foodie, then Chandni Chowk shall prove to be a blessing to your taste buds. You can get the Paranthas at the Paranthe Wali Gali, known to serve 30 types of parathas. Do not forget to add a glass of lassi to your meal, and you are all set for the day! Just in case you love non-veg, you can stop by the various restaurants and local eateries offering kebabs here.

6.Red Fort's Light and Sound Show

Red Fort, also known as Lal Qila, is one of Delhi's most famous attractions. This tourist place has a huge footfall of tourists all through the year. Once you are here, you will surely get awestruck as you witness the 2-km extended perimeter. The moment you are done exploring this rustic fort, you can move on to witness the light and sound show. This show takes you to the ethnic culture and rich history of Delhi. It is notably hosted by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation and facilitates both English and Hindi commentary.

7. Ghalib ki Haveli's solitude

Are you fond of Ghalib's poetry? If yes, then you can surely pay a visit to the very peaceful Ghalib ki Haveli. This place has been beautifully renovated and is now available for public access. It intends to showcase the love for Ghalib, who was an Urdu poet. The house is an exhibition of the simple and modest life that he used to spend in this house. A visit to this Haveli shall prove to be one of the most memorable experiences for you. You are surely going to fall in love with every bit present here. Surely, the serene aura of this place would steal your heart.

8. Books' shopping at Daryaganj

Are you a voracious reader? The Daryaganj Sunday Book Market is a perfect spot for you! Here, you will get a plethora of books, novels, competitive success books, etc., at affordable prices. Once you are here, you would witness thousands of books lined up leading towards the Dill Gate. You can get the novels here for 20-50INR.


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