Your work environment should be one that helps ease the stress that comes along with the profession and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. One natural and therapeutic way to help relieve office related stress includes adding real plants as office decor. Plants have a calming effect that is an important factor needed in most work settings. Whether you work in a cubicle, office or a large open space, live plants can do wonders for the room as far as a great way to decorate and a fun way to bring positivity in the workspace.

You have two choices when it comes to office decor. You can either choose man-made items to accentuate your working space or you can choose the beauty of nature through real life plants to liven up the room. Plants are versatile as they come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, smells and environmental needs. The plants you choose for the office say a lot about what the company is about. Japanese shrubbery can represent a Zen like quality while medicinal plants represent healing. Others can simply be utilized as a treat for sore eyes.

Both the office workers and the clients coming into the space can feel at ease as they admire the natural beauty of the plant life around them. It can be exciting to see how plants are transformed from being merely a plant to a source of decoration in fun and creative ways. Plants can be arranged and placed in places where you normally wouldn't put a plant, which catches the viewer’s attention and makes them think of the environment in a positive light. The plants can be used to greet clients as they enter the building or throughout the building itself to give a larger feel of nature and relaxation.

Pots and planters add to the office decor as you can play around with diverse styles, colors and sizes. The larger ones can make big impressions while the smaller ones can be multiplied and placed in various areas. Plants have a way of connecting one another as one must tend to the plant and care for it in order to remain healthy. In the process, office workers will benefit from having unique natural office decor in their work setting on a daily basis.

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George Pettit is a well known traveler and gardener from New Caledonia. He writes for several important newspaper about topics such as Plants in Australia, New Caledonia travel guides, office plants and several other topics which attract attention of many readers.