Professionalism and corporate- etiquette play a very significant role in defining the image and brand identity of a company. There are so many factors which, when combined together, exhibit the professionalism of the concerned company. Some of these features include an ideal corporate business atmosphere, professional attitude and presentable and neatly dressed working professionals. When we talk about a corporate dress attire, it either strictly comprises of formal-wear, business-casuals or personalized office uniforms. Among the above three forms of business dressing, the business-casuals, are obviously, the hot favorites among most of the employees.

However, in most cases, only the small business firms and many of the latest IT companies follow the "business-casual" dress policy. Most of the other corporate and MN C's strictly follow 'all-days formal-wear' or an 'office uniform' dress policy. A majority of the manufacturing giants and production companies, especially, are always seen having an office uniform dress code for their employees as well as their management team. One of the prime reasons for the same being the conditions and the surroundings that many of these employees work in. For e.g., an individual working in a steel, construction or other manufacturing plant would have so many external factors like paint, dust, stains, etc, that may spoil his clothes. Obviously, as much as the concerned individual may wish to wear stylish casuals, he would still always prefer wearing his office uniform only, rather then spoiling his clothes.

Irrespective of whether the employees like them or not, it cannot be denied that the office uniform is the ideal dress-attire and an important medium to showcase the brand identity, persona and image of the company. It also plays a very important role in reflecting the unity among the employees in the company.

More importantly, there are companies which have an office uniforms policy even for the higher management authorities including the director. These, in a way, clearly reflects that such a company, strongly believes in equality, which in turn, makes the employees feel more valued by the employer.

On the other hand, the logo or the company name on the uniform does act as a major mobile publicity media for the enterprise. However, it comes with its own small limitation, wherein, any employee who misconducts in the public, along with his own image, is likely to ruin and spoil the image of his company as well. As a result, it is very important, that the concerned employee has the self-realization that he behaves appropriately, whenever he is donning his office uniform.

The biggest highlight of the office uniforms apart from the team unity reflected through it, is the fact that it portrays the team strength and existing spirit among the employees. It is quite likely that, whenever we see a horde of professionals wearing the same uniform, we immediately take a notice of the vast employee strength enjoyed by the concerned company. The office i-card, can rarely have such an instant impact.

Overall, it can be just be said that the office 'uniform', as the word says, literally highlights a” uniform" treatment and value provided by the company to each of its employees and also brings in a sense of uniformity within the organization and its workers.

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