It might sound a bit funny to buy a paper calendar in today’s digital age as your smartphone has got everything – a calendar, scheduler, and more. However, as per a study, 62 percent of consumers own a promotional photo calendar. This implies that a promotional photo calendar still is valuable for an organization.

If you own an online print store and wish to enable your clients to design a photo calendar as per their business specifications, you can make significant progress in the B2B business.

Read on to know why a photo calendar holds importance.

People prefer paper calendars at some points due to the following reasons.

Quick Visual Reminder – Time management is crucial for professionals. Many professionals still prefer the ‘old-school’ calendar placed at their desk while working. At home, a wall calendar facilitates recalling past events or checking upcoming holidays swiftly.

This is because you don’t need to log in to your planner apps on your phone. A glance at the big calendar, and your work is done.

Zero hacking threats – Unlike any digital technology, a paper calendar is hack-proof.

More effective and faster – Switching between multiple planner apps or tabs might cost you more time and effort. A physical calendar can save you that extra time and effort as you can view anything anytime in it and jot it down.

Consumers love freebies

Companies often tend to distribute freebies to attract their customers and clients. A promotional calendar that banks give away to their consumers every year is an excellent example of a custom calendar. You can offer personalization of calendars at your store to attract various solopreneurs and companies looking for promotional calendars for their business promotion.

These calendars help organizations make customers feel valued and strengthen their bonding with them. Rather than spending a considerable amount on add-stuffing your customers’ inboxes or apps, set aside a little budget for promotional calendars. When more and more people notice your brand name, they would wish to associate with your brand and know more about your services. And enjoy timely freebies – as well!

Calendars Become Year-Long Marketers

Rather than just throwing it away in a day or two like flyers, people would keep a promotional calendar owing to its high utility. This way, that promotional calendar will become your year-long marketer for your brand. Every time they look at the calendar, they would notice your brand name on it. The next year, these people will look for more such custom calendars, and eventually, they will turn from your first-time customers into loyal ones.

Freedom of customization

Creative calendars are in high demand today. Let customers customize photo calendars through photo calendar design software integrated into your store.

For instance, one of your customers owns an electronic store owner. Using the photo calendar design software on your store, that store owner can personalize the calendar with the details of upcoming music concerts in the city. They can partner with one or more concert organizers and offer free passes exclusively to those who purchase headphone sets worth a minimum amount, say 2000 or 3000 bucks. This won’t only motivate music lovers to shop from that electronics store but also help turn them into loyal customers forever.

Ensure to mention your brand name and contact information somewhere in the calendar to drive the customers to contact you if they like the calendar and want to get one designed for themselves.

Summing Up

A promotional calendar can be an excellent product to offer – especially if you wish to venture into B2B business, too, along with B2C business. Promotional calendars won’t only help drive traffic and sales for your store but also increase your brand visibility and outreach.

All the best with the promotional calendar business!

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Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software & Web-to-Print Storefront Solution.