The establishments founded by the multidisciplinary units Child Specialist in Delhi offer multifarious treatments for childhood diseases. A state-of-the-art care is provided in these multidisciplinary units across places in the capital to the children in medical and surgical conditions.

The various paediatric conditions that are treated at these include kidney failure, complicated heart-related conditions, multiple organ system failure, poly-trauma, injury following burns, and neurological condition etc. The neurological conditions may take the form of falling from height, post-infection or post seizures etc. The issues relating to psychological health, pressure points, mobilizations, physiotherapy, and palliative care are effectively treated.

Services offered:


The unit of Neonatology offers a wide range of services to treat various medical and surgical neonatal issues. These issues are mainly handled by the expert team of Neonatologists a group of trained Neonatal Nurses and expert Health Associates. The care method of patients in the health Unit requires the intervention of other people in the respective unit with expertise in another and related functioning.

In the areas of children's treatment, the units of the top Child Specialist in Delhi place several Intensive Care Units. The other facilities make invariable addition of step down nursery for unborn babies. The provision of an isolation area is also kept for babies requiring special care. For a mother with a high-risk pregnancy, a state-of-the-art Foetal and Paediatric Cardiology system is also kept for performing the Foetal Echocardiography is done.

The General Paediatrics

Whatever be the rush of serious conditioned patients, the top Child Specialist in Delhi treats the child patiently. The facilities offered by the general paediatric department include:

● Baby Clinic
● Immunization Devices
● Growth and Developmental Clinic
● IPD Services

The Paediatric Neurology

A committed and optimum standard of care is provided in dealing with the entire range of neurological problems. The solutions are provided to all age groups including infants, children and adolescents. The cumulative treatments offered by the top child specialists Delhi encompass the conditions of acute emergencies and other chronic neurologic disorders. These involve static encephalopathy, behavioural disorders, epilepsy, progressive neurological disorders, genetic, and neuromuscular impairment. An earlier diagnosis help in providing specialized intervention, rehabilitation, prognosis, and counselling that enables better combat of the diseases.

The various Neurologic disorders that are taken care of include the following:

• Cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and unwarranted delay in development
• the Autism spectrum disorder, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Learning disability
• CNS infections
• Demyelinating disorders
• Epilepsy
• Genetic disorders
• Movement disorders
• Neurodegenerative disorders
• Neurometabolic disorders
• Neuromuscular disorders
• Structural malformations occurred in the brain
• Tumours or vascular malformations

Non-Invasive Pediatric Cardiology

Updated cutting edge technological treatments are offered which is garnished with an automated cardiac output. The treatment offered by specialist doctors includes a special evaluation of children with cardiac functional abnormality. A detailed evaluation of the abnormal anatomy is done with special impression over the valves is offered. An intra-operative evaluation by TEE is also sustained in the process.

Fetal Cardiology

A high-order comprehensive evaluation and management are performed for the babies as per the conditions. Through such assessment, significant improvements have been witnessed in fixing the timing of delivery as well as in the rate of survival after the delivery for these kinds of patients. Doctors recommend the performance of a trans-abdominal fetal echo as early as during the 18th week of the pregnancy. In lieu, a transvaginal fetal echo can also be performed during the 12th to 16th week of pregnancy as an advanced precaution to these diseases.

Most of the doctors in the capital city engage in fellowship training paediatrics. The course is offered by the College of Paediatric Critical care. The institute conducts a regular training programme throughout the year. Specialised training is offered for nurses too in order to improve the service quality of critical care.

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