Regardless of whether one is online or offline, they may find that it is not uncommon for them to get worked up about something. They could read or hear something and, before they know it, they could experience a strong emotional reaction.

When this takes place, it could take a little while until they are able to settle down again. At one point their inner world will have been settled and, at another, it will have been totally disrupted.

Slightly Different

Then again, their inner world might rarely be settled; meaning that when they hear or read something that has an effect on them, it will simply make them feel even worse. It will be as if they have a pain dial has been turned up even further.

To go from feeling at peace to being disrupted is not going to be pleasant and neither is having their inner discomfort level turned up. One will then be on land but it can be as though they are on a small boat on the ocean that is being tossed around.


When something does have a big effect on them, they may find that it is hard for them to concentrate on anything else. Thus, if they are at work at this happens, it could prevent them from having a productive day.

If they are not at work when this happens, it could stop them from being able to enjoy their time off. What was meant to be a moment for them to relax will have tuned into a moment of high stress.

Another Setting

If this happens when they are with friends or family, it could lead to a big argument. Or, one could end up walking away from the interaction, creating the impression that they are not going to put up with anything like this.

Something similar could also take place if they are a student, with them having the inclination to walk away from situations that have a negative effect on their inner world. It might not matter if they are in a lecture or at a social gathering as they could soon be off.

Inner Disharmony

What is clear is that if one has the tendency to get worked up by what they see and hear, their mental and emotional health is likely to suffer. In a way, it will be like they are in a boxing ring getting hit.

The difference is that it won’t be their physical self that is being knocked around; it will be there mental and emotional self. The stress that they experience is not going to do them any favours.

The Next Step

Considering this, it will be a good idea for them to find a way to experience life differently. One thing that they could do is to do what they can to control what is said online and offline.

If they do take this route they won’t be all by themselves, as there are going to be plenty of others that will be doing the same thing. When this takes place, one will be focused on changing what is going on externally as opposed to what is going on internally.

The Cause

This can show that one believe that what is going on externally is the reason why they are unable to feel at peace. Thanks to this outlook, it will be perfectly normal for them to focus on what is going on out there.

One is then going to be nothing more than a powerless victim, while other people will have the ability to control how they feel. The sooner the external world changes, the sooner they will be able to settle down.

Another Option

Conversely, one may look into why the external world has such a big impact on their inner world. Through taking this approach, they will be taking responsibility for how they feel instead of blaming others.

One can thing that will help with this is for them to develop the ability to observe their own mind, as will give them the ability to see what takes place internally when something has an effect on them. Taking this route will be harder in the long run, but will allow them to become more resilient and to empower themselves.

A Deeper Look

For example, if they were to read or hear something and this is followed by them experiencing a strong inner reaction, they could reflect on why this is and connect to their body. By doing this they may find that something from their past has been brought up to the surface.

A memory and the emotional pain that goes with it may have been triggered by what they read or heard. It won’t matter how long ago something took place as their system will still be carrying the effects of what took place.


In order for them to resolve what is taking place within them, they may need to reach out for external support. With the support of a therapist or a healer, for instance, one will be able to go where they wouldn’t go by themselves.

The external support that they receive will allow them to work through their wounds and to become stronger in the process. Furthermore, by taking this route, there will be no need to for them to act like a mini tyrant by trying to control what other people can or can’t say.

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