In today’s world, it is not uncommon to hear about someone who has been offended by something. And while this could due to what another person has said to them, it could also be the result of something else.

In this case, one might have been watching TV or overheard a conversation that other people were having. At the same time, they may have read about something online, and this could be someone’s opinion or it could cover a number of different facts.

One Outcome

What they have come into contact with will have had a big effect on them and it won’t be possible for them to carry on with the rest of their life. Instead, there is a strong chance that they will feel the need to do something about what has taken place.

In the past, they wouldn’t have had as many options as they do today; having said that, there is the chance that one would have simply carried on with their life. What this shows is how the world has changed and that being offended has become a normal a part of life for so many people.

A Number of Options

When it comes to the next step that one takes, it may involve telling their friends about what has occurred and/or they might go one step further. If they were to tell their friends, they may say that they should move on with their life, and that there is nothing they can do, for instance.

Alternatively, they may also approach life in the same way and this could then mean that one will end up receiving their support. This can then give one the encouragement that they need to go one step further.

From Here

What this can mean is that one will end up going online and sharing what took place for them with other people. This could take place through starting a blog, or simply sharing a status on social media, for instance.

However, if one isn’t interested in doing this, it doesn’t mean that they will be short of options. What they could do is find a blog that something else has created, or they could even make their own videos.


The feedback that they will get through doing this can cause them to come to the conclusion that they are right. Yet there is a strong chance that they already have this outlook and so this can cause them to feel morally superior.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will agree with the stance that they have taken, but this might not bother them. One could then up blocking out anything that goes against their outlook, and it then won’t matter what other people say.

A Part-Time Job

When it comes to how often they are offended and what they end up doing shortly after, they could find that this takes up a lot of their time and energy. Therefore, they might have to overlook other areas of their life and to ignore certain needs.

In fact, one might end up making a career out of being offended, and they could then see themselves as some kind of figurehead. They will then take it upon themselves to change the world and to do everything they can to make sure that people no longer offend others (while ignoring the fact that other people may find their behaviour offensive).

Never Ending

It can then be a challenge for one to relax, as there is always going to be something for them to do. Yet even though this will cause one to use a lot of energy, it can also allow give them a lot.

As far as they are concerned, they could see themselves as being on some kind of moral crusade. One is then good and the people who offend others are bad, and it will then be down to them to make them see the light, so to speak.

Another Angle

Nevertheless, just because one has this outlook, it doesn’t mean that it matches up with what is actually taking place. What it can show is that one finds it hard to take responsibility for how they feel, and this then causes them to blame other people for what is taking place within them.

One is likely to find it hard to experience self-control and this then sets them up to try and control what other people say and do. But instead of being able to acknowledge what is taking place internally, they end up focusing on what is taking place externally.


One way of looking at this would be to say that it would be a good idea for one take a step back and to reflect on what is taking place within them when they are offended. What this will do is give them the chance to see that it is what is taking place within them that is generally causing them problems.

Thus, if one tries to control what other people say and do, they won’t be able to deal with what is taking place within them. This will then be similar to someone trying clean their eyes by cleaning their glasses; it won’t improve their own vision.


On the other hand, if one was to take the time to see why something causes them to experience a strong mental and emotional reaction, it will allow them to grow as a human being. For example, when one ends up feeling upset about something they hear, it can be a sign that something from their past has been triggered.

And through becoming aware of this and healing this part of themselves, they might no longer be affected by the same thing. This will then allow one to live in the present moment as opposed to being thrown off-centre all the time.


If one finds that they are constantly being affected by what other people say and do, it can be a sign that they need to develop mental and emotional strength, and they may also need to work on their boundaries. That is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist.

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