SEO, the Art and Science of Link Building

I will be continuing the discussion of SEO strategy, by covering the topic of off site SEO and external link building in this article. In my last note, I talked about SEO on site for the most part, you can make your site mapping and internal SEO very easy, just by the use of WordPress as your CMS,, simply by adjusting the permalinks settings in the Settings tab of your admin dashboard,, and setting up either all in one SEO or Platinum SEO as well as cbnet ping optimizer and some other plugins that are the topic of another article, after which you no longer have to consider on page SEO. Of course this doesn't work in other CMS systems, however documentation of how to effect that on page issue does exist for every CMS available. Having satisfied the inital topic of on site SEO, the next issue at hand is off page SEO, after which I will outline a simple case study for each method currently employed.. And you are correct, the topic is just as exciting as it sounds,, and just the same as the requirement for proper internal linking or on site SEO, you must not reduce your enthusiasm when addressing the topic of external link building, you must have a basic business strategy, you will not create the continual targeted stream of organic search generated visitors which you so greatly desire to have.

Just as many opinions about External Link Building exist as there are SEO "Gurus", and as a matter of fact, there is validity to any number of current techniques for link building strategem,, for that reason I feel you should employ every method you know is viable, while prioritizing my efforts to the most effective techniques,. I have spent some time with the study of several famous SEO authors, I have purchased video tutorial courses that explain techniques, which has yielded a strategy that is producing good results.. One point I would like to make at this juncture, while all of the so called "free" traffic generation techniques I will address have a basis in quantifiable success, you have to lend some credence to the quality of every link source that you put an anchor text to your website on, because, as the fact of the matter is that google penalizes sites that are linked to sites which it feels are low quality. Your entire linking strategy may be destroyed, just for the matter of linking to poorly regarded sites, you don't want to live in a bad neighborhood of web networks anymore than you want to have your house in a bad neighborhood.

There is a tendency to put a greater emphasis on techniques that can be exploited, and which I know will create good results,. I can tell you for sure that these procedures take time,, and given money over time, I would prefer to have others perform the tasks that require little intellectual effort, the resources at each webmaster's disposal are as varied as the personalities of the domain owners, the point of the statement being that no matter the circumstance, you have to have a link building strategy. Bearing that in mind, here is a not all inclusive list of 24 platforms on which you may create your link buildig strategy.

Authority site commenting

Blog Commenting

Forum commenting

Guest authoring,

Yahoo answers,

.edu and .gov commenting

Article directories

web directories

Social bookmarking

PDF directories

Press release directories

Video Directories

PowerPoint directories

Podcast directories

Web 2.0
Hub pages

Link Baiting
Contest Creation

I would suggest that you outline a plan of Search Engine Optimization that addresses each of the above link building categories, some of your work will be applicable in cross categories.. Once you have completed the task of socially bookmarking a site,, then all you will have to do is maintain the strategy by bookmarking pages as they come on line, and the linking strategy may well outlive the active life of the domain. A majority of these techniques are rapidly replicatable and useful for cross purposes, in example you can turn an article into a press release, a video and a podcast, as well as other forms of link generating communication. I have provided more in-depth information on our home blog at EliKen Marketing.

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