Every university student is searching for the best and most affordable housing possible. For some, it might mean finding a campus with affordable housing nearby, for others it might mean being able to live with parents. In most cases students will even prefer cramming into a tiny apartment with up to six people. However,there are many options available nowadays for student housing.

Why don’t students like living in dorms

For many students, university is their first time away from their families and homes. This is the first time they will be able to live independently so many of them opt to live off campus. Some of the reasons that students prefer not to live in dorms include:

1. Noise – Since so many people are living under one roof in a dorm, it may be difficult to find time alone and may be even more difficult to study without being distracted.

2.Space – sharing a small room may be difficult especially when you have to share one bathroom with an entire floor of students.

3.Rules – While rules are necessary when hundreds of students share the same space, living off campus allows students to independently.

4.Meal plans – Dorm rooms expect students to pay upfront for a meal plan, even if they do not use it.

5.Roommate issues – You will not be able to choose your roommates and differing personalities can lead to disagreements.

How to choose the right housing

1. Choose the right roommates – You should look for housing where you will live with people who are similar to you. You may ask the owner to house you with people who share the same interests.
2. Decide on finance – You must have an idea of how much you want to spend beforehand. This will make it easier to narrow down your search options. You should decide how bills will be split and who will be responsible for certain tasks.

3. Trust your instincts – you should first visit the place you intend living in, you will know if this is the place you belong. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t for you.

4. Speak to people – Talk to people who live in the area to find out how safe it is. Get to know the property owner and how well they take care of their resident’s needs.

5. Think about transport – ensure that the place you choose is convenient to travel to the places you need to. Find something close to your university, or even the subway if you need to use it daily.

Benefits of shared housing

There are so many benefits of living off campus, in a shared apartment. These include:
1. You will get to meet new people, who might also be students

2. You will have free amenities like wifi, access to gymnasiums, pools and cleaning services

3. Invitations to events

4. You will get to enjoy living in a fully furnished apartment
Shared living is a great options, especially for students as it is affordable and safe.

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