The human being is certainly a complex animal, all animals bodies are highly complex organisms, even a single cell is unfathomably complex and we each have 50 trillion of them. When we consider the mind and consciousness then we add more layers to the complexity. Yes it can be overwhelming to try and know about our complexity. I mean, we know very little about ourselves and if we exclude the physical workings of the body for a moment, though it can be recognised that we can investigate and measure the anatomy and physiology of the body, what do we know about why we behave the way we do? How we think? Why we feel the way we do? Where do our emotions come from? How is that we feel compassion, love, hate etc? How many parts to the mind are there?

It is fair to say we know little of how we operate.
What has this to do with cancer and healing?
We are a collection of 50 trillion or so cells, I haven’t personally counted them, but the cells aren’t static and stay with us for the rest of our lives. Most cells have a very short live span, so the number of cells that are us is in our life time is just mind boggling. The point is that all these cells are in one organism, and the cooperation between cells enables them to gather together and be ‘We are one’.

Shared information is the glue that keeps all as one and working in harmony together. Our bodies (which includes the mind, though many think or treat the body as a vehicle to transport the ego around) reflect the totality of our 50 trillion cells. Each cell is a holograph of the entirety. What affects the cells, affects the entirety, what affects the entirety affects the cells, There is no separation. When we feel angry, the entirety is feeling angry, the cells are feeling angry, when we feel love the entirety is feeling love. The story of our life is the story of our cells. The story of our cells is us.

When we are in a state of ill health, that is our story at the time, the body excluding the mind isn’t ill, the body including the mind is ill, once again there is no separation. If the mind is ill, then the body is ill.
If one has cancer, what is the complete story? We fall into the trap of perceiving cancer as ‘something’ that is separate from us, from the entirety. Cancer cells are our own cells, they are not separate! They are functioning as part of the whole, as a reflection of the whole.

If we remove the label and perceptions that we have about cancer and see our totality, our state of affairs, our story, our system of being, our pattern of existence and not just the shallow facade that we present to the world and to our ego, then we can realise this is us. Do we really want to be as this? Is change possible? Do we want to feel different, do we want to experience life differently, do we want a better quality of life, a better quality of our self image, do we want more vitality, better health, do we want more wholeness, do we want freedom, do we want more self control, more self trust, more self reliance, do we want to feel that we matter, that we are significant, that we are important, do we want to be free from self criticism, resentment, apathy, bitterness, negative beliefs about ourself, limitations or do we dare not to?

Do we think we are not worth it? That change, is too difficult? Do we assume, this is just who I am?
Man, is always trying to define who he/she is, we label and define ourself as I am kind, stubborn etc, etc. We are continually trying to identify and define who we are! For we (the ego) do not know who we are, we are disconnected and separated from our body. The only appropriate definition the ego can have and also the most beneficial, is simply ‘I am’. This is powerful for it includes all possibilities and has no limitations. It may seem too simple but all other definitions are faulty, for they are not complete. For if you define yourself as kind, what happens if you behave in an unkindly fashion? And when you do, you separate and form another identity or part and more fragmentation occurs. I am is correct and undeniable and so creates no resistance, any other definition can’t hold true all the time.

If you practice just saying and feeling ‘I am’ you may become aware that you are dis-identifying from the labels, beliefs and behaviour that you perceived as you. This pattern that you thought was you, seems at a little distance away now. This pattern is a set of instructions that you have been following, because you were attached to it, and thought this is who I am. Now being simply ‘I am’ detaches the pattern and you now have control of Your Life, not being a victim of it.

So as controller of your life what story do want to unfold? Whatever story you have, your cells will reflect! The entire body, immune system etc will reflect the story. Do you want the cells, immune system etc to feel important, worthwhile, loving, compassionate, happy, health etc, then reflect that in your life experience.
If you want health – be health(y).
Philip Martin

Author's Bio: 

Philip Martin is a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist and Author of “Life Patterns, the Secret to Emotional Freedom” and “The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process, a clear and defined pathway”. He is based on the Sunshine Coast Qld. Australia. His website is