Keeping your bones and joints healthier is easy than never before. It is important to understand the factors that affect your bone health that is the diet plan, physical activities, and lifestyle changes. The roles and responsibilities of bones and joints in our body are many which include giving structure to our body, storing calcium, connecting muscles, and organ protection. Right from childhood, it is necessary to build strong bones and joints and during adulthood maintaining its health is more important to have a healthy body.

Important facts of Bones and joints in our body
The bones in our body tend to change continuously, the old bones break down and build new bones simultaneously.
During childhood the new bones are made faster than the old bones break down which increases the bone mass, the peak bone mass may be reached around 30 years of age.
Osteoporosis: The condition in which the bones and joints become weak and brittle as we grow old that depends on the bone mass gained before the age of 30 and how long it takes to lose the bone mass after 30
To escape from osteoporosis as you age, it is must be cautious about bone health when you are young by maintaining the required bone mass through nutrient-rich foods, physical exertion, and bone health supplements.
Factors that affect bones and joints health:
The amount of calcium content in your diet plan is the significant factor of bone health, which when consumed low in the diet may lead to early bone loss, increase in the risk of fractures due to the decrease in bone density.
People who are physically inactive have a greater risk of Osteoporosis.
According to many researchers, consumption of alcohol and tobacco use contributes more to weak bones because it interferes with the ability of our body to absorb calcium in bones and joints.
If you are women, naturally you are under risk of osteoporosis because women have lower bone density by birth than men.
In women, the bone loss increases at menopause due to reducing estrogen levels. In men, bone mass may be decreased due to low testosterone level.
If your body mass index is less than 19 (BMI<19), thin and flat body loses bone mass more quickly than the stout body.
Osteoporosis could be a genetically transferred discomfort to some extent if your parent suffers from low bone density and bone health disorders.
Secretion of the excess of thyroid hormone can decrease the bone density.
People who are subjected to any major surgeries face the risk of bone loss due to lack of body's ability to absorb calcium.
Long-term use of steroids and other drugs to treat certain diseases may increase the risk of osteoporosis as a side effect.
Tips to keep your bones and joints healthy
Steps to prevent or reduce the risk of pains and fractures in bones and joints due to low bone density and bone loss are,

Calcium-rich diet
For adults, ages 19 to 50 and men above 51, 1000 mg of calcium intake is recommended per day and for women above the age of 40 the recommendation increases by 1200 mg per day. This can be obtained by calcium-rich foods which include dairy products, broccoli, almonds, etc., if difficult to add these foods in daily routine just take calcium supplements most importantly herbal supplements.

Vitamin D intake
The Vitamin D present in our body absorbs the calcium, for adults ages 19 to 70 requires 600 IU (International Units) per day and above 70 ages and older needs more than 800 IU of Vitamin D per day. Major sources of Vitamin D is sunlight apart from that oily fishes, egg yolks, and fortified milk and also many Vitamin D supplements available to meet the daily requirement of IU to absorb calcium.

Increasing physical activities
The fitness activities help to strengthen your bones and lowers the bone loss. Increasing physical activities such as aerobic exercises, walking, jogging, involving in sports like tennis, football, basketball helps to overcome bones and joints disorders. If you are more concerned about bones and joints to be healthy, immediately take a bone density test under the guidance of a physician and add necessary nutrients to strengthen the bones or by bone strengthening supplements. It is important to identify the supplements good for bones and joints before taking it, always prefer herbal supplements.

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