The strength of Mother Earth resides in her oceans.

Our hearts are like the ocean, beating with a force like an undercurrent that provides us with such tremendous power and strength to swell us up and beyond the surface of our fears. The ocean is our passion, and when we survive, it is not because we overcome our weaknesses; the ocean pulls us deep within ourselves where we find our greatness, which is our immense life force and beauty.

The ocean, with all of its power and beauty, gathers its waters from the rains that wash away our emotions -pain and joy, hate and love, bitterness and sweetness – and gathers it into her womb, transmuting it into a new life force so intense with passion that it can create hope to survive any challenge. It endeavors to bring forth new life out of sun, water, sand and wind.

Our oceans are dying. And with them our hearts are made weak.

Our planet is dying. And with it our souls forced to absorb pollution.

Our belief in ourselves is waning with the destruction of our earth. Our lives now mirror the destruction and decay of the earth as its rains wash our poisoned beliefs into the ocean.

Each generation carries with it the spirit of Mother Earth and her graciousness – her embodiment of passion, life force, goodness and strength. Our minds, bodies and spirits are in witness of divine experiences that carve wisdom into each generation. But today’s minds are not in alignment with our hearts and our sense of responsibility to Mother Earth’s own divinity. Our actions follow teachings of spirit that exist within a concept of separation from nature. To believe in ourselves is to believe in our connection with the divine system of nature that is present and inclusive of all living things. To believe in Mother Earth’s passion and divinity and therefore our own passion and divinity is to believe in a capacity to swell to greatness, despite seemingly unsurmountable circumstances.

Our capacity for greatness and our ability to thrive is directly tied to our respect and passion for the planet. Like the earth’s oceans, which contain all of our hopes and fears washed into its depths, our hearts, which are aligned with Mother Earth’s greatest wisdom and love, have the capacity to hold an unlimited number of experiences with ease, strength and courage. But our hearts, like the oceans, grow in strength and integrity only as much as we are willing to put into the dedication to protecting them, and by allowing the absorption of all natural experiences, experiences that carve wisdom back into our lives, reaching from the depths of the ocean to the highest mountain peaks. When we respect our planet, we respect our innate ability to change and survive and thrive.

Our planet is meant to thrive beyond mere survival, and its inhabitants meant to thrive in harmony.

Our vitality, like that of the planet, is changing and weakening with our neglect. Yet its passion is not waning. The passion of the earth with its heart-centered ocean fuels its desire to fight for survival. It dreams of new opportunity and hopes for new life. It is committed to its own vitality. With its oceans as its core of strength, the earth’s passion for life will never cease.

With our respect and commitment to protecting the vitality of our planet, we find that our hearts, like the oceans, are filled with passion and courage for pursuing our own vitality. Our passionate experiences become a force that allows us to thrive.

When we listen to the ocean, we hear the experiences of the earth. We hear her heart song and find that our souls are threaded together through shared life and destruction and belief in universal wisdom. Our hearts speak the same language – that of hope and joy and peace.

When we listen to our hearts, we hear their experiences of passion and survival. We hear Mother Earth’s passionate heart song in our own. Mother Earth’s greatest wisdom is our greatest wisdom. Mother Earth’s strength is our greatest strength. This is our ocean of experience.

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Dana Anne Hutchins is a spiritual teacher and angel partner to Archangel Michael at Beyond Stillness - Spiritual Teaching with Angels. Dana is a passionate writer, artist and creator who teaches creative souls about Mother Earth's wisdom and passion through her mentorships, classes, and writing. Her wisdom comes from her fully enlightened soul and her psychic partnership with the angels. Dana writes about passion and creativity and its use in developing our soul's potential in partnership with our angels.
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