Meditation has been practiced for many hundreds of years and, while it is still associated with religious practices in many people’s minds, guided meditation is purely a secular activity that is a way of learning how to meditate properly through the use of different techniques to ensure that you learn how to achieve the brain pattern by following a step-by-step set of instructions. You could attend a class to learn how to meditate or you could use an instructional CD or binaural beats to guide you. Regardless of the technique you choose, guided meditation is a good place to begin learning how to alter your state of consciousness from beta to alpha. A brain pattern exhibiting alpha rhythm ensures that your brain activity is working slower, meaning that your brain is less cluttered.

As you learn how to achieve guided meditation, you will find you can move from beta to alpha as and when you want to. Once you have achieved that alpha state, you are taught how to use guided meditation to put visualization techniques into operation and, in your mind’s eye, tell yourself a story that you visualize in picture format. You control the story, in which you visualize yourself accomplishing specific tasks and achieving special goals that are important to you. Guided meditation at its best is often how successful people achieve the accomplishments that make their lives successful, re-programming previously unsuccessful events that, through the application of mental discipline, is able to turn their lives around from mediocre or unsuccessful to a life that reflects personal achievement and accomplishments.

Guided meditation is the easiest way to obtain the benefits of meditation when you are still learning how to harness the powers of meditation. As with any skill, it becomes easier as you gain experience but, at the beginning, it would be too easy to give up at the beginning when you find you mind retains all the stray thoughts popping into it, no matter how hard to work at trying to focus on a single thought. At the beginning of your meditation experience, that chosen thought remains elusive while the thoughts that you don’t want will pop in and out to disrupt your meditation session until you feel like giving up.Guided meditation techniques will help you to control these thoughts until you have acquired sufficient expertise to be able to control your brain patterns sufficiently by yourself.

Our brain operates at different frequencies, based on electrical impulses which can be measured in cycles per second. There are four states of consciousness, from beta which occurs when we are fully awake and going about our daily lives, to alpha which is the state which occurs when we are in a light sleep, or when we are completely relaxed. It is also the state at which our brain frequencies work during meditation. The other two states of consciousness is theta and delta. When your brain is operating at the alpha rhythm the electrical impulses can be measured from 7 to 14 cycles per second. This is slower than the electrical impulses measured when the brain is in beta rhythm.Guided meditation is simply the step-by-step instructions you follow for your brain to flow from beta to alpha, revealed in a much more relaxed person, able to enjoy a total inner peace of mind.

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