Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to be part of some kind of movement, and it could be said that this is a partly down to the internet. Through being able to go online, one can connect to people who have the same views as them.

As a result of this, the next step can be for them to identify with a certain term or group, for instance. Yet, this is not always how it works, as one could simply go to university and end up in the same position.

Reaching Out

When this happens, one will have been looking for people who they can talk to about what they believe, and these people can also give them support. Therefore, at one point one might have felt as though they were the only ones who saw life in this way, and then as time has passed, the will realise that this is not the case.

And by being part of a group or a movement, it is likely to have a positive effect on how they feel. For the first time in their life, they could feel as though they actually belong on this planet.

Another Route

However, one could also end up being part of something like this without going out of their way to do so. What this could show is that one’s friends are part of something, and they have end up getting involved.

If one was to start university, for instance, they could go along to a society as a way to make friends. Time will then go by and, before they know it, they will have come to have the same views as these people.

Under The Surface

This could show that one joined a society that has an important role to play in today’s world, or that they have gradually been conditioned to accept what they were told. At the same time, what this could show is that even though they were not looking to belong to somewhere like this, they soon came to see that they could relate to what was being spoken about.

But regardless of whether one is a part of a society at a university and or is part of an online movement, they are likely to have plenty of things to talk about. And when it comes to what they believe needs to change about the world, it can all depend on what sex they are.

Different Areas

If they were to talk about relationships, there are going to be number of things that they will want to discuss. The same could be said if they were to talk about how their sex is treated when it comes to their career.

Another important topic could be how their sex is portrayed by the media, and how the opposite sex treats them. There could also be a number of other things that they need to talk about.

The Average Person

Ever so, this doesn’t mean that the only people who talk about these kinds of things are those who are part of a movement. This could be because they don’t realise there is one, or it could be a sign that have no interest in joining one.

What this can also show is that even though they are not part of a movement, it has still influenced their thinking. Due to how big the movement is and the effect it has had on their society, it won’t be necessary for people to join it to be influenced by it.

Plenty of Time

If a movement has been around for a number of years and the people who part of this movement has been able to attain positions of power, this is to be expected. What these people have been able to achieve over the years will be seen in a positive light by some people.

For others, it might not be this black and white, and they could say that while certain things have improved, there are other things that haven’t. Still, there are bound to be many different factors involved when it comes to the outlook that one has.


One thing that women can complain about is how women are often objectified in today’s world. This can be a time when they will focus on how the mainstream media and men don’t treat women as human beings.

They could talk about how this causes women to be treated badly by men, as it sets them to believe they are entitled to do what they want to them. And while some women will talk about this from time to time, there will be others who take it further.

On A Mission

This one issue could be something that will consume their whole life, and they could do everything they can do change the world. One way they could try to do this is to write about it and/or to create videos, and they could go even further and try to have certain things banned.

What this can then mean is if she was to see a woman who was half-naked or completely naked in a magazine or newspaper, she would be seen as someone who is being taken advantage of. This can then be seen as an example of how women are treated badly by men.


Although this could be a time when she will receive a lot of support from both men and women, there is also likely to be men and women who have a different outlook. When it comes to what men say, it might be easy for them to overlook what they hear; but when it comes to women, it might be harder to do so.

One thing that they could hear from women is that the women who do this are not being taken advantage of and that they are actually being empowered by it. This is what they have chosen to do, and it is allowing them to pay their bills.


During this time, people could also bring up the fact that there are plenty of women who objectify themselves on social media. And how this is not something they are being forced to do; they are doing it by choice.

It could then be said that it is not that women don’t like being objectified; it is that they like to be in control of when this happens. As long as they are not taken advantage of and they get something out of it (money or attention from the right people/person), it might not bother them.

A Closer Look

Nevertheless, she could hear this and it might not have an effect on her outlook. This could show that she has thought about it and then dismissed it, or that she is not willing to change what she believes.

When this is an issues that consumes her, it can show that she is trying to avoid how she feels at a deeper level. If she was to get in touch with what is taking place within her, she could find that she is jealous of the women who receive attention and are seen as being desirable.

Left Out

As a result of what she looks like or her age, it might not be possible for her to compete with these women. But instead of owning how she feels and dealing with these feelings, she ends up disconnecting from how she feels and takes the moral high ground.

If she was to choose the first option, she is unlikely to feel good about herself. Yet, by choosing the second option, she can end up feeling empowered and a sense of superiority can arise.


Clearly, there are women who are objectified by men and women, and this something men also experience. If a woman is trying to avoid how she feels by focusing in this problem, it could cause her to do more harm than good.

Through facing how she feels at a deeper level and working through it, she may find that this is an issue that no longer has the same effect on her. The assistance of a therapist may be needed here.

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