Let's go back to the late sixties and seventies when an obese person was the exception. Some of you may remember breakfast those days consisting of bacon, ham, eggs and sausages.

Then all the sugary breakfast diet cereals came along, bottles of juices with lots of sugar, and the fat-free milk.

All this started when a Dietary Goals publication published in the United States in 1977 advising consumers to lower their fat intake to minimize the risk of killer diseases: And obesity was born! This publication was not questioned at the time. However, since these recommendations been made public, there's been some enormous increase in obesity.
We've been made believe that being obese or fatter than average, all we must do is work out, eat like a rabbit and starve our way to become thin.

This is just the opposite of what they have told us.

To lose weight and to reach such a transformation does not mean to work out at the gym for hours every day. Almost every fitness and health magazine claims to have the best information or solution on how to boost your metabolism and melt away your excess weight or fat with specific types of strenuous exercise.

Exposed to a number of such myths and experiencing failure after failure leaves everyone disappointed and many are giving up the dream of ever achieving their goal.

There are now more gyms and personal trainers than ever before, and the numbers are still growing. Despite all the diet gurus and fitness advisers telling us how it all works: How is it possible that any time in history as a society we have become fatter than ever?

What they are advising us is obviously clearly not working!

Strenuous exercise, a low-fat diet, and eating rabbit foods are not the answer! This is actually why so many people continuously fail in their attempts to lose weight despite diligently following all the exercise guidelines.

We can eat the food we like and still lose weight!

Normal exercise like walking and other activities without going over the top are necessary. Walking at your own pace is one of the best exercises not only for your body, for the mind as well.

The key to maximize your results is to focus on the hours when you are not exercising by eating the right foods in the right patterns each day to increase your metabolism.
It is OK to enjoy the food you like and how much you like on your one free day each week. On other days you can have smaller portions and eat more often, up to six or seven times per day if you wish. However, it is important to have less food intake enough to get the body in to a fat burning mode.

Low fat diets contribute to inflammation, heart disease, joint pain, diabetes and other chronic health problems. Eat more fat and stay away from grain diets as much as possible.

Glucose is not the right fuel for our metabolism, fat is. That does not make us fat, but too many carbohydrates will. Use good fats such as olive oil and olives, butter made from organic milk, coconuts and coconut-oil; pasture finished meats, avocados, palm oil and most raw nuts.
Omega 3 and omega 6 fats are most essential for health. However, omega 3 fat intakes should always be higher than omega 6 fat intakes.

The solution is to begin with the end in mind!

This means: Whatever you start doing is easy to do and easy to continue, it is something over long time and as well enjoyable for the rest of your life if it's necessary.

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