Obamacare Health Insurance

You just cannot tell when a new infection will catch up with you. Also knowing when something absurd might interfere with your normal health is hard to tell. That is why most people opt for health insurance. Insurance policies act as an armor whenever you are faced with health dysfunctions. These insurance coverages do come in various packages to suit a number of patients.

Governments have also tried their best in ensuring universal health coverage. They have rolled out a number of policies to ensure reliable health for their citizens. The United States has not lagged behind in this push for universal healthcare. Barrack Obama, is among the presidents who have given it all to this initiative. Barrack Obama one of the most influential US presidents spearheaded the inception of Obamacare Health Insurance.

What is Obamacare?

This is a patient protection and affordable care Act of 2010. Not only does it impact health insurance but also affects the delivery of healthcare in America.

One of the most vital requirements is that you need to acquire a health insurance. The healthcare insurance you sign up for should run for at least 9 months out of 12. If not so you will be subjected to tax.

How Obamacare affects you

Enrollment for health insurance exchanges will take place from 1st November 2018 to 15th December 2018. In case you miss out, do not worry. You can use your exchange in applying for Medicaid or Interim private insurance.

Every insurance policy should offer 10 important health benefits. Health insurance is not supposed to suspend those having pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, those who are bound to get sick cannot be dropped. Children can on insurance plans that stretch to 26 years.

In case you are unable to afford an Insurance-Nothing to panic about. Medicaid having been extended to citizens who earn at least 38% of federal poverty level, you have a reason to smile. Unfortunately, despite the federal government having subsidized Medicaid not every state has followed suit. If the state that has subsidized this plan does not grant you, then you are at will to stop paying taxes.

There are a number of factors which will affect the cost of your Obamacare cost. These factors include family size, preferred plan, place of residence, income level and age. You really have to consider the mentioned factors when seeking Obamacare health insurance.


Ever since the Republican government took over, it has relentlessly attempted to sabotage Obamacare. Despite their efforts to kill Obamacare failing in the Congress, they have not given up on this quest. President Trump has even commissioned some healthcare plans in the fight against Obamacare. Although the plans seem cheap on face value, they exclude some important components like drug prescription coverage, maternity care and have expensive preexisting condition charges.


No doubt, Obamacare health insurance has really brought some significant changes in American healthcare. What the existing government needs to do is to seek ways of improving it. Fighting this amazing project will not do any good for US citizens.

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