The grand buildings in the Civic Center neighborhood take care of the business of running New York. At the center of the operation is City Hall, the seat of government since 1812. This area formed the northern boundary of the city in the 1700s before Chinatown sprang up. Today, it is bounded on the west by the Broadway, on the east by the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge, and on the south by the Financial District. The elegant Georgian City Hall with its imposing French Renaissance facade sits in a leafy setting at the northern end of the small City Hall Park, a historical landmark in itself, having seen its fair share of political protest.

New York is known for its skyline and skyscrapers but one thing New York is not known for is for being a beach destination. However, if you live in the NYC metro area, the top beaches in the country are literally in your backyard.

In 2010, two beaches a short drive from New York City take the number 1 and 5 spots on a list of the country's top 10 beaches. Coopers Beach of Southampton, NY is the 2010 America's top beach, eclipsing beaches in California, Florida and Hawaii. Also making the list at number 5 is Main Beach of East Hampton, NY. It is the first time New York made the top of Beaches in America list compiled by Dr. Beach since the list's inception 20 years ago.

If you don't reside in Coppers Beach, then non-residents are required to pay $40 per day to visit the nation's top beach; which is a much cheaper deal than an airline ticket to fly to a popular beach destination. It's best to avoid some famous city beaches of yesteryear such as Coney Island in Brooklyn or Wolfe's Pond on Staten Island as they are littered with derbies. Visiting these beaches might give you the wrong idea about the immaculate beaches available to you in New York. New York is on the Atlantic Ocean and there are enough clean beaches accessible within the city limit of the five boroughs or within a couple of hours drive from the city. Don't feel like forking $40 for Coopers Beach? Well, here are some other good options.

Before making the final decision about your relocation to NYC, you might want to remind yourself about some of the most common reasons for moving from Florida or any other US state to go live in the Big Apple! You can get around without a car. No matter where you go, there's an opportunity of fast and reasonably priced public transportation fare waiting for you. Locals can use the subway or taxi to get about their daily business and for situations where they need to leave the city, there's always the possibility of renting a car for a couple of days. After your relocation to NYC, you won't have to worry about gas prices ever again! Also, anything you need is just a few blocks away. Whatever you need, you can get it within a few blocks from your home, work or any other location in New York. It's a huge city that has achieved amazing efficiency for its size, with every type of business offering their services a maximum of 20 minutes away from wherever you currently stand.

NYC is one of most thrilling tourist destinations in entire world. All travel lovers who never been to New York City dream to come here. This city differs from all other cities in the world offering amazing attractions to its visitors. To explore NYC one will need weeks. But what if you are coming to the city for couple days? Let's point out main must seeing places of this magnificent place.

First in the list is Times Square. This astonishing place attracts tourists from all over the world. Summer or winter, day or night Times Square is always crowded with city visitors. Every year people come here to observe famous New Year's Eve Ball Drop. Times Square is home to world famous Broadway shows and best place to come if you want to feel the hustle and the bustle of the city. Times Square is also decent area to buy souvenirs and gifts, a lot of vendors operate here offering you pictures, t-shirts, posters, cards saying "I love NYC".

Statue of Liberty is second in the list. Located on the Ellis Island, the statue is symbol of American Freedom and for years was the most recognizable icon of United States. Transportation to Statue of Liberty is made by ferry. While here don't miss the Ellis Island Immigration Museum which was opened in 1990 and is dedicated to 12 million people who entered U.S. through the port of New York between 1892 and 1954.

Coming third is Central Park - 843 acres of man created masterpiece right in the heart of Manhattan, the home to more then 300 Hollywood movies and probably the most famous park in the entire world. Every year more than 27 million people come to enjoy Central Park. There is no better place in the whole NYC for summer picnic or morning stroll. Don't miss Strawberry Fields which is located on 72nd street and Central Park West. This memorial dedicated to John Lennon is probably the most visited place in the whole park.

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