While data mining begins on the PTR 's patch 8.3, the names of Nyalotha raid bosses have been discovered after deployment PTR.

As a reminder, Nyalotha BfA, the city of the ancient god N’Zoth, is the raid of patch 8.3. It has 12 bosses and N'Zoth is the ultimate hurdle to defeat. We also discover that Irion and Ra-den succumbed to the murmurs of the ancient God. Il’gynoth, his terrible emissary, is also back.

Find the list of bosses, as well as their description, following this article. Note that the N'Zoth model was also unveiled during datamining. And here you can buy Nyalotha boost.

1. Nyalotha: List and description of the bosses of the raid Irion, the black emperor: all his actions did not stop Irion from succumbing in his turn to the madness that had carried off his father before him. His mind corrupted by N'Zoth, the black prince is now concentrating on pure hatred capable of annihilating in the blood and the flames anyone who opposes him. Editor's note: It seems that Irion regains his sanity at the end of the fight.

2. Maut: When the opening of the N'Zoth prison released the Aqir on Azeroth, their black prophets built an obsidian statue containing the essence of the ancient God himself. At the moment when Maut came to life, he consumed the magic of his creators, leaving their carcasses under the burning sun of Uldum.

3. Prophet Skitra: The prophet Skitra has mastered the art of manipulating the minds of his victims until they can no longer distinguish reality from the horrors he creates from scratch.

4. Dark Inquisitor Xanesh: Few are able to resist the murmurings of N'Zoth and in doing so, they immediately attract the wrath of the dark inquisitor Xanesh. A master of the art of torture, Xanesh prides himself on slowly but surely turning his victims into madness, until they become true worshipers of the Black Empire. Editor's note: During this fight, the inquisitor tortures Azshara.

5. Collective Consciousness: Generals of the Aqir army in the pay of N'Zoth, Ka'zir and Tek'ris are able to impose their will on the entire swarm. Both convinced to be the strongest, they fight over control and change the strategy of their subordinates.

6. Shad'har the Insatiable: Shad'har the Insatiable is one of the most aberrant creations of N'Zoth. He devours everything that comes within his reach and feeds on secretions exuded by the walls of his domain. This voracious creature suffers constantly because the very substance that keeps it alive causes terrible mutations in it.

7. Drest'agath: The colossal Drest'agath slept in the underground galleries of the Black Empire when she was awakened by the return of N'Zoth. Now she is rising to the surface like a gigantic boil ready to burst. Some of its members have already found the open air, threatening to spread its pestilence to the four corners of Azeroth.

8. Vexiona: Vexiona seduced hordes of lost souls eager for power by promising that they would be resurrected like N'Zoth. At the top of her Black Empire temple, she transforms her loyal followers with the power of the Void, creating a dedicated army of relentless horrors.
Ra-Den the Spoliate: in the depths of the Black Empire, the fate of the guardian is revealed. Now corrupted by N'Zoth, Ra-den works tirelessly to make the vision of his master a reality.

9. Il'gynoth, Corrupted Corruption: After his defeat in the Emerald Nightmare, Il'gynoth took refuge in the depths of Nyalotha, where he merged with the very architecture of the N'Zoth Plan. The corruption of Il'gynoth spreads like a malignant tumor, feeding on everything it touches.

10. The carapace of N’Zoth: a teeming mass of flesh, eyes, and tentacles stands like a mountain on the horizon. Tendrils of corruption and fear ooze from this colossal body. You are at the heart of the Black Empire, the seat of the power of N'Zoth, in the body of a god made flesh.

11. N'Zoth the Corruptor: Even after the Titans' servants had imprisoned him in the abyss, N'Zoth continued to use his influence to corrupt Azeroth. Today, for the first time in millennia, the true form of the Corruptor is unveiled in the open. If no one stops him, the Dark Empire will plunge Azeroth into eternal darkness.

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Nyalotha BfA, the city of the ancient god N’Zoth, is the raid of patch 8.3. It has 12 bosses and N'Zoth is the ultimate hurdle to defeat.