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I have a dirty head right now what can I do?


Your nutrition coach Paris can tell you that "If you have a dirty head it is surely because of your diet"! Indeed, who says bad diet, said dirty head! If you have a high intake of foods with a high glycemic index (potato, rice, sugary drinks, snack ...) it promotes acne.


It is likely that these foods stimulate a surge of hormones (hormone IGF-1) and boost in particular the production of sebaceous glands that are responsible for pimples. The advice I can give you is not to consume more than 40% of calorie intake of carbohydrates.


Why is it said that the rise of sugar peak and danger?


For example, orange juice is one of the foods with a moderate glycemic index. These types of foods can cause a very high blood sugar spike. I would say even higher than low glycemic foods (like applesauce for example).




The problem of feeding patterns that promote peak blood sugar depletes pancreatic cells. These make insulin and can lead to diabetes.


ADVICE OF PRO HYAN Khauv Sports coach Paris


Let me introduce you to KIMCHI a Korean specialty! According to a Korean study, the regular consumption of KIMCHI, which is a fermented vegetable with a red pepper touch, helps to lower cholesterol levels by 10%. All this is due mainly to the action of lactic acid bacteria from the fermentation of KIMCHI.


223 hours = Number of hours the French spend cooking on 1 year


The richness of bio


If you want to opt for salads, bet instead on organic salads. Fruits and vegetables grown on organic farms are richer in vitamins and nutrients than those produced in conventional farms with fertilizers. They contain 57% of vitamin C.


The advantage of BIO fruits and vegetables is that they have to find their own resources in order to defend themselves against external conditions. We can call this a form of STRESS that fruits and vegetables undergo, which tends to improve their nutritional potential.


The diet can also be influenced by its professional environment.


You do not choose your colleagues but they can be, in spite of them, the reason why your waistline increases. A study to show that being surrounded by an overweight team can make you develop a certain overweight. This should not be avoided but opt for a more active attitude by moving as much as possible in the premises of your company or undertake a ride during your lunch break.


In the same way that if you are married and happy in the household, pay attention!


This can have an impact on your belly ride. Indeed, consider his / her spouse as acquired and a trap for the kilos. Most people in their couples feel that they do not need to please and therefore do not pay attention to their food.


1 = The number of kilograms taken in five days by sixteen people who slept only five hours a night.



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