It has been found that breakfast omission was associated with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes. The Health Professionals Follow-Up Study found that men who skipped breakfast had a 21% higher risk of T2D than men who consumed breakfast. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have discovered that those who eat certain grains for breakfast have lower, well-regulated blood sugar throughout the day, even up to dinner time.

For diabetics it can be a struggle to find healthy breakfast cereals which are low in sugar. Firstly, breakfast should be "low glycaemic", meaning they do not raise your blood sugar levels rapidly.

Secondly, the foods should keep your blood sugar low and balanced for hours. Cereals that contain high amounts of sugar generally tend to be bad for you and nowadays sugary cereals run the gamut from nutritious healthy cereals, as they contain high amounts of unnecessary sugar. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to consume a sugary cereal now and then but as a long term breakfast cereal, it’s not likely to augur well on the body especially if the rest of the diet is high in fat.

Foods that contain whole grain ingredients provide to be the finest as they are packed full of wholesome nutrition. Granola and Muesli cereals are very common healthy breakfast cereals, which tend to be packed with a variety of cereal grains, nuts and fruits. These two different combinations provide to be great for diabetics as they help keep blood sugar levels balanced and will leave you feeling satisfied first thing in the morning. For the winter morning’s porridge and oatmeal can warm you up for the day and can also provide the essential energy needed.

A majority of people tend to skip breakfast and feel so hungry by lunch time that they eat more foods than they normally would, which then cancels out the calories cut by skipping breakfast. Muesli cereal bars can be very practical when on the run, however, as muesli bars tend to contain butter, salt and high fat binding agents it is better to eat the cereals. Although the cereal bars are much easier to munch on they should only be used as an occasional alternative to the breakfast cereals.

So although its difficult for diabetics, there are healthy options out there and its not altogether impossible to find the right breakfast cereals that are suitable enough.

Believe Breakfast cereals are a revolutionary brand of cereals, formulated to kick start your day with 22 essential nutrients plus healthy whole grains. Your everyday beauty in a bowl, this concoction of tasty roasted oat clusters, honey, barley and cranberries along with omega rich Hemp, your beauty routine will start with a functional and natural food for beauty. Having a good breakfast is an essential and a vital part of the day. What you have for breakfast provides the body with essential energy to kick start the day and provide energy.

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A ideal breakfast cereal for a diabetic person must be low in sugar, healthy cereals are the best breakfast foods to begin you day fresh. You can include Granola & muesli bars as daily cereals for breakfast.