One of the first concerns of patients  about Multiple Sclerosis  is the food, nutrition & diet they should maintain. MS specialists recommend that people with MS stick to the low-fat, high fiber diet which is recommended for the general population.
Take control of your weight :
Quite often psychological effects such as fatigue, depression associated with MS and therapies used e.g. Steroids, may sometimes lead to unwanted weight gain in people with MS.
Overeating can increase health conditions such as:
1. Fatigue
2. Risk of other illnesses
3. Risk of heart and lung diseases
4. Stress on joints
5. Negative self-image
Set realistic goals : 

Many people give up before they start because they think it’s too hard to achieve weight-loss goal. A realistic goal may work wonders for motivation and for health. Try to make small goals – a goal of losing 10 percent of your body weight. This activity will help you to reap health benefits.
Here are some ways to lose weight :- 

a) Don’t diet : Most diets don’t work for long. Instead you need to improve your preferences over food.
b) Change one meal at a time : Try to have a healthy breakfast, such as oat meal, fresh fruits or an egg-white omelet.. Then at dinner, try to have light meal which helps you to reduce fat deposition on your body.
c) Snack : Add fresh veggies, whole grain cookies, low-fat yogurt, oranges, grapes, peanut butter, cashews and other healthy goodies.
d) Don’t forget your exercise: Make a routine for exercise, at least five minutes every day. Put on your favorite music at home and move around. Add some stretching and simple exercises prescribed by your health-care professional.
e) Follow your cravings: This could lead to binge eating, work on your cravings plan by including your favorite dessert/dish on a special day.

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Dharmender Kumar is an avid writer, reader and an 'aesthete'. A digital media marketing enthusiast with prolong experience and understanding of marketing brands online related to health i.e. Multiple Sclerosis.