Nature’s products like fruits and vegetables are great source of nutrients, they contain real things that maintains health, all these supplements ,pills or tablets that are made up for giving particular nutrients can’t be compared to the natural source of those minerals. Fruits contains so many minerals and vitamins that no other thing can have and can be consumed regularly for good health. Fruits that are orange or yellow in color are factory of antioxidants, fibers and vitamins. One of them is Papaya also known as pawpaw or papaw is a delicious fruit and a complete storehouse of nutrients. Papaya is such a fruits that promises so many health benefits. Papaya can be consumed raw or can be cooked also. They are used in salads, or eaten when they ripe. In short with so many benefits papaya has so many uses. It is grown in many countries and is known by different names in different countries. Like in India it is called as “Papeeta”, “fruta zumba” in cuba, mugua and lechosa in some countries.
Papaya is a factory of nutrients like minerals, vitamin C, vitamin B, provitaminA cartenoids, antioxidants and fibers. Every part of this fruit contains something or other that is good for health. Papaya outer skin contains variety of phytochemicals. The seeds of papaya have strong and spicy taste and can be used in place of Black Peppers. On ripening it is eaten as a raw fruit which is sweet in taste, green and unripe papayas are used in salads, curies and stews. Leaves of pawpaw are also eaten in some countries like green vegetables by steaming it. Papayas that are green and latex of the tree contain protease called as papain has the ability to breakdown the tough fibers hence it is used for meat tenderizing also. It seems that papaya can be used completely for something from tree to fruit, seeds, skin everything has its own use and benefit.
Now come to the benefit of this storehouse of nutrients. Papaya is very good fruit for digestive problems and is a recommended fruit for people with digestive problems. It contains a compound called papain which helps in breaking down of foods that’s why it is great for good digestion and also prevent from colon cancer. It’s also used for the treatment of stings of bee, rashes and burns. With so many minerals and vitamins it makes our Immune system strong. Papaya is good source of Vitamin A which prevents from lung cancer. People with lung cancer have deficiency of Vitamin A. One should include papaya to their daily food routine. Its fruit that boosts up cardiovascular system also, the potassium and calcium it contains maintains heart rate and blood pressure. It can also be used for skin care, applying its flesh or juice directly on the skin will remove all the dead cells and glorifies the skin. It can take great care of your skin. Eating papaya and eats seeds on regular basis also keeps you away from skin problems like fungal infections, ringworm's etc.
This fruit is just wondrous one with so many benefits and uses it a complete package for your body health. So include pawpaw in your daily schedule and stay healthy.

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